It’s easy to drop a few pounds with a fad diet but actually keeping the weight off is the hard part.
I did loads of research including some really good stuff from Harvard and sadly it showed that most diets and especially fad diets failed  dismally with the almost universal result of rebound weight gain. This will help to keep you fuller whilst preventing blood sugar spikes and the inevitable cravings that come along with them. That pretty much sums it up apart from making sure you get enough sleep and that you move your body regularly every day and even every hour just for a few minutes.
The hamper includes a collection of Warrior Blend protein powders, DVDs, Pukka Herbs products, Rick’s own anti-ageing fitness plan booklet, Zkin moisturiser, Trilogy age proof night cream and a Nuveo dermo roller.
Rick Hay is an Anti Ageing and Fitness Nutritionist with many years clinical experience in nutrition, naturopathy, botanical medicine and iridology.
The materials on our site are presented for general information purposes only and are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed.
Most of us are guilty of eating our food too fast and gulping down meals and snacks in just a few bites.
Now, a company in South Carolina have taken things to the next level by developing a bite-counter which tracks how quickly or slowly you eat by noting your wrist movements.
Apparently, each bite we eat has an average of 17 calories for men and 11 calories for women… depending on what you eat in a normal day of course. It feels like all those who have a body to die for are plain lucky or god had ordained them to look super fantastic just like that… reason to be J!!! Here are a few eating habits that can be helpful for reducing weight and getting a fit body. You can have juice or other drink after breakfast but make it habit to drink water when you feel hungry instead of having fizzy cold drinks or soda. Most people take cookies, fried food and high calorie food items after dinner which can be reason for their weight gain.

No matter how devoted you are to weight loss fads, the only way you can truly maintain a healthy weight is if you follow a balanced diet. When you skip a meal during the day, you compensate for the missed meal and this causes you to overeat.
Instead of filling your plate, cut down on your portion sizes and add some variety to your meals.
When you plan your meals a week in advance, it ensures you get a good mix of different foods and nutrients in your diet.
A new study has found that every fast food meal a person eats increases their BMI by 0.03 points.
Now that may not seem like a lot, but if you’re a regular at the local chipper, you can just imagine how terribly your BMI increases after only a week. The researchers involved in the study think that the government can help reverse the obesity epidemic by regulating how fast food is being advertised as well as giving people economic incentives to encourage companies to sell healthier foods. Nutritionist and lecturer Rick Hay brings you five steps to lasting weight loss – a Healthista hamper to win worth ?250! My Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Plan has many recipe suggestions that are suitable really quick and easy to prepare. Record what you eat and team up with a friend – these two things seem so simple but they were common behaviours for those who had lost weight and kept it off. Use a meal replacement shake  This last tip comes with a pre requisite that you choose a healthy version not just a cheap milk powdered  sugary meal replacement. We were made to move – the latest research is indicating rather definitively that if you move every hour you will help your body to function better.
No, neither have we, but it seems that keeping track of how many mouthfuls of food you eat could actually be a factor in weight loss.
Its the right habits, daily routine and amount of physical activities… even if you keep denying!!

People specially with sleep disorders tend to eat late at night, that is called midnight snacking! I recommend using more thermogenic spices in your cooking as this can help your body burn fat more effectively.
The added benefit of this type of diet is that I’m also saying that you can have a glass of good red wine with dinner which provides you with high amounts the anti ageing super hero nutrient, the antioxidant resveratrol.
If you have health problems you should consult a doctor or other qualified health professional.
Slight practical adjustments in your lifestyle can be very effective in saving calories and weight loss. You will be surprised to know that researchs suggest that people who skip breakfast are more likely to gain weight than people who have their breakfast on time. Thermogenics simply means fat burning through heat and these include cinnamon, chilli, paprika and turmeric. A better breakfast keeps your metabolism healthy and help your body to burn calories through out the day.
While keeping yourself hungry for longer duration activate a stress hormone called cortisol. Having a healthy snack mid morning or afternoon also helps with both portion size and satiety.
You can add berries if you want a bit of an immune boost – stay away from the tropical fruits though as these are a bit too sugary. A handful of nuts and seeds with half an apple is perfect at this time – providing you with protein and essential fatty acids to help with hair, skin and nail health.

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