When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Erika Nicole Kendall's remarkable weight-loss journey began with a passing comment from her mother. Kendall, who said she was about 220 pounds when she left for college in 2002, says she was driving with her mother when she suggested that Kendall join the gym that opened up around the corner from her house. But her first visit to the gym wasn't the typical introductory, 'look at all the shiny elliptical machines we have' hard sell. All the new attention coincided with a spike in her sex drive -- "When you lose weight, your sex drive goes through the roof" -- and the confluence made her decide to become celibate for three years.

Kendall is now engaged to a chef, which might seem like a minefield for nearly anyone, let alone a wellness guru. Kendall's weight had ballooned in the half-decade since she graduated, and she was carrying around 330 pounds on her 6-foot frame.
A few years after her dramatic weight loss, she went to a sorority event and noticed the very different way that people, especially men, responded to her. But she says that her fiance has helped her become much more skillful in the kitchen -- she couldn't cook when she started working out -- while her fitness habits have rubbed off on him, as well. The site has become very popular, and its Facebook page currently boasts 27,000 fans who read for Kendall's conversational, knowledgable big-sister style.

Every morning after breakfast, they would get their dogs and her daughter and go for a run.
She holds forth on food policy, race and gender, sex abuse and body image, how to wear one's hair while working out, and devises meal plans for her readers.

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