As a quick recap, we each must lose 14% of our starting body weight (which works out to 30 pounds each) within 4 months (120 days).
I like the way that my line is slowly decreasing, and I especially like the way that Paul’s line is all out of wack. Please note, however, that all of the weigh-in’s apart from the initial one, are us wearing lighter clothes than what we weighed ourselves in. While I made the graph and chart above by using Excel, there is actually a free web tool out there called Healthy Weight Calculator that will do all of this for you.
All you do is create a profile and then enter your basic health details and target weight, and update your weight once a week. During the first week and a half of the challenge, I wasn’t able to do anything physical other than my daily walk, as I had pulled a stomach muscle (or something like that) during a jump smash at badminton which hurt even when I would sit down or get up. I normally hate vegetarian-anything, but there’s this vegetable sandwich at a grocery store here that I tried about a year ago, and was floored at how good it was (surprisingly). They do have a thin slice of cheese, a tiny dash of salt and pepper on the tomatoes, and a light-cream cheese spread on them, but there’s brown bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce there, so it’s a good choice I think. Paul appears to be putting a large percentage of his weight loss focus on spirituality and mindset this year.
He’s done some exercise here and there, but it doesn’t appear to be consistent from what I’ve heard from talking to him so far. The biggest surprise to me is that Paul has been continuing to eat a ton of really unhealthy fast food ever since the challenge started!
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Fight on, do not give up, you will lose weight with your diet, it’s just your body trying to conserve power and energy. The difference in weight between my weigh-in weight and my second weight is due to the fact that I always weigh more in the evening after dinner (10pm weigh-in) compared to my morning weight.
So really I have to add 2lbs to my morning weights for it to accurately compare to my starting weight of 216. Sorry to keep replying to Cupcake here but I tried to access his site, took a nap, worked out, knocked out some work, but by the time it finally loaded 6 hours later it was bedtime.
Hey, inspired by Tyler even I started my own weight loss expedition 1 week ago and even though it seems I have lost a couple of pounds (visually) my weight remained the same, maybe coz I have gained some height. Couldn’t Paul just reality shift to some universe where weight loss pills really do work? I will be explaining more on my Blog throughout the challenge since spirituality is not really a topic Tyler dives into.
Also to address your question regarding parallel universes – the reality you see around you reflects your current beliefs. Thats funny that Paul seems to not be doing his part to lose the weight, but he might be trying to sike you out as well.
I actually created my profile properly as male the first time, but had to re-create it to change my activity level settings as there is no way to edit the existing plan yet. When I re-created it the 2nd time it defaulted to female and once again I couldn’t edit the plan as there is no edit button yet.
It?s always hard to lose some weight but it?s easier if you got help -or as in your case – a competion.

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I planned on doing an update every 7-10 days or so, but was pretty busy the past few weeks working on my new site.
However, I’m pretty sure that this is because Paul ate a lot on the day of the first weigh-in (for this very reason). For example, I’m usually wearing shorts and am not holding my camera when I weigh-in, which probably equates to a total of roughly 1 pound. It will then graph your progress over time and estimate how many calories you need to be consuming a day, etc.
I’m also eating a ton more vegetables and fruit than before, and am drinking more water as well.
Good work on reverse-engineering that complex cheese, tomato, and lettuce sandwich from the store; that must have taken days to work out.
We will, of course, wear the exact same clothes that we originally weighed in, at the final weigh-in.

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