It’s become a tradition around these parts to make a Halloween themed Bento Box full of spooky foods. Any of my Protein Mini Muffin recipes will do (Pumpkin, Pistachio, Almond, Chocolate, there’s more flavors in the archives) Top one with a teaspoon of Sugar Free Strawberry or Raspberry Jam and a Walnut half.
If your day is all about deadlines, meetings, and squeezing in a workout, it's no wonder you barely have time to hit the bathroom, let alone sit down to eat lunch.
No more skipped lunches: Sounds simple enough, but many women skip lunch thinking they'll lose weight faster. No more hidden calories: It's fun to go out to lunch every once in a while, but restaurant food tends to be high in calories. Portion control: When you pack a lunch, you're in charge of how big it is and how many calories you consume.
More energy: Eating a nutritious lunch packed with protein and complex carbs maintains blood sugar levels.

With a chopstick or pointy end of a utensil dig out a small amount of the center of the the Meatball and insert a Spanish Pimento Stuffed Olive.
But what you eat for your midday meal can play a huge role in whether you reach your weight-loss goals.
Unfortunately, this isn't the case; skipping meals slows down metabolism, resulting in fewer calories burned.
Packing a lunch from home means you aren't forced to hit the local cafe and order a who-knows-how-many-calories-are-in-that soup and sandwich.
Using cute storage containers like these BPA-free ones can help encourage you to pack smaller portions of your favorites to keep calories in check.
So say goodbye to that afternoon slump that makes you crave a sugary pick-me-up, and say hello to the crazy amount of energy you'll have to hit a 300-calorie-burning workout after work.
Great Asian noodle alternative to serve with stirfry dishes if you can put this Halloween use out of your mind.

Here are some ways that innocent little lunch box of yours can help you fit into that polka-dot bikini by Summer. Having a healthy lunch waiting for you means there's no excuse to ever skip this midday meal.
On my Channel I post Healthy Recipes, Grocery Hauls, Fitness DVD Reviews and Personal Vlogs. Place the tortilla on a lightly Pam non-stick sprayed baking sheet and into the oven for 5 minutes.

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