If you are looking to shed some stubborn pounds, or just want to tweak your lifestyle and dietary pattern into a healthier one, one of the tricks to consider is knowing the alternatives to your usual food choices. You might want to try Bento, which is a single portion of food, rice, fish and fruits and vegetables that are served in a box.
You don’t always have the time to prepare your Bento the traditional way, but you can have it modified. Mixing up healthy lunch ideas might require more effort than your typical lunch food, but it will all be worth especially when you know you just filled your body with nutrients that can give a good energy boost that will help you keep going the whole afternoon.

These quick fix lunches almost always include processed foods that are packed with fats, sugar, preservatives and other unnatural ingredients. It’s just a to-go meal for yourself, so you have the freedom to have it tailor-fit for your personal preference. Or prepare a tomato and mozzarella salad with basil leaves for a satisfying, yet healthy, lunch. You might be accustomed to ham and cheese, but you must also try going for dark bread with some not-so-familiar cold cuts and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

That doesn't mean eating nothing but salad for three months while grueling your way to a lower weight, though.
You can go for several days with significant progress and then fall victim to the Ben and Jerry's taunting you from the freezer.

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