There are so many benefits of meditating but did you know that weight loss can be achieved through meditation?
Meditation is about mindfulness – clearing the mind of its useless chatter and being in a state of peace and tranquility.
In addition to this meditation exercise, regular, frequent, longer meditations help to train your brain to be more relaxed, more in tune with yourself, and simply more content. According to the Indian spiritual tradition, meditation lifestyle has been condensed into 3 words beginning with an ‘S’ (derived from Sanskrit). Satsang brings forth the satisfaction of having the rest of the human family as a part of you.
However, any group effect will only be effective when the people who have joined it feel that they have gained more than what they can achieve alone at home. It is certainly worth a try to find a meditation group near your house or to form your own group.
Here on fitnessvsweightloss we write about fitness, weight loss,mobile app reviews,weight loss product reviews,Fitness studio review, dieticians etc. Meditation asanas on A mantra is a set of words that have a positive vibration or powerful charge (See Chapter on Mantra).
Oftentimes when people meditate they incorporate breathing exercises to help clear the mind.
These benefits also contribute to a healthier overall lifestyle wherein you are less likely to overeat. It is shown, thru scientific study that after practicing meditation for 8 weeks, the brain works differently – after a period of 8 weeks, the place in the brain where we connect experience and action with emotion begins to activate at a more sophisticated level.

After all, to accomplish something in life you need strive hard and that gets translated to busy lives.
While meditating you reach out for your true self, which makes you remember you who really are. You want to belong to the community of peace and wisdom and share this desire with like-minded people. They are capable of unlocking a power that materialism cannot defeat, just like how a rock cannot defeat rain even when one is hard and the other is soft or like how a tree cannot defeat wind even when one is hard and the other is invisible. It has been observed that meditators feel less lonely and more connected to others when they meditate in groups. She was called a skeleton way back in school but she managed to gain 17 kgs during her graduation. Overeating occurs in a number of ways for a number of reasons but mindful meditation can help. Perhaps you could decide to do something different entirely, such as take a bath by candlelight.
The result – problems don’t appear as problematic and we stop responding to things out of habit!
You will live being at peace with your conscience because you have fulfilled your duty to the most sacred level. Even though meditation is an individual’s practice, it grows profound both personally and socially when done in groups.
They meditate deeper and are able to tap more profound silence in comparison to what they experience while meditating alone.

When we reach for those late night cookie or bowl of ice cream we typically now we are not doing something good for ourselves. If you can practice recognizing when that feeling occurs and then doing a brief 10-20 second meditation you can squelch the act of these late-night mindless binges. Meditation has become so popular due to its ability to improve health, well-being and mental peace.
The results say what ancient sages used to say- there is greater peace near the enlightened. When meditation can work so well for a single person, won’t its power get amplified when in a group? At the individual level we may not see ourselves as enlightened beings but the group effects multiplies every single member. Likewise, during meals, the 10-20 second meditation can be used to help yourself stop when you have eaten enough. I later learned this is the pure space of awareness, where there is no separation between the experience and the experiencer.

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