In 2011 - my first year of blissful marriage - my handsome, healthy, witty, strong husband became very ill.
My world could have crumbled, but together, we muddled our way through a blur of scans, biopsies, chemotherapy, surgery, drips, morphine and lots of other medical words that still make my skin crawl.I watched my amazing husband make it onto the dreaded critical list in November 2011 and then slowly regain his strength in the months that followed. A new startI beat myself up for months, but did nothing about it, other than continue to comfort eat. Since my rejoin, I have lost a further 77 pounds bringing my weight loss to 103 pounds in total.
Standing on top of the tallest mountain in Ireland with Andrew by my side made all the ups and downs of my journey so worthwhile. AfterMy food now would typically start with a breakfast of porridge with skimmed milk and lots of fresh fruit.At 11am I usually have 0% fat Greek yoghurt and fruit. Patricia Murphy A new report has suggested that a€?unsanitarya€? glasses in hotel rooms could pose a potential risk to visitors. Newsdesk Jack Osbourne admitted that the moment he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) just months after he became a father for the first time was the scariest moment of his life. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma which was at a borderline Stage 4.

After a testing, tear-filled few months, my warrior reached complete remission and was told he was cancer-free. Since reaching my goal I have set up a Facebook page to share my enthusiasm for healthy cooking. Life is for treasuring, and I will treasure every single mountain we can now climb together.In April of this year I was delighted to begin training to become a Weight Watchers leader. I can't think of a better way to help people achieve their goals.Amya€™s SecretsBeforeMy before foods would have included a sugary cereal for breakfast followed by two slices of toast with butter and jam or peanut butter. When Andrew was sick I would have eaten on the go a€“ frozen pizzas, takeaways, anything fast. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and is now the picture of health - health being the key word. I slowly started to feel I was regaining control of my eating, and as the pounds began to come off, I started to realise I CAN do this.
I reached my original goal in 2008, losing three stone to get there, but due to lack of attending regular classes, bad habits sneaking back in and then with Andrew becoming ill, I lost the complete run of myself. On the 30th of May 2013 I rejoined Weight Watchers after losing 26 pounds following WW at home.

It was a personal goal of Andrew's since he had been ill, and for me it was like climbing my own personal Everest.
During Andrew's stay in hospital my diet consisted of Coke, chocolate and muffins from the little shop on his ward, as I rarely left his side.
I realised I needed the support and motivation a class could offer me.Walking through the doors for the first time I was embarrassed, mortified, ashamed.
A few years previously I had huffed and puffed my way up a small mountain in Kerry but was ashamed at how unfit I was. I want to feel like I am living each day with my miracle husband to the fullest and not look back with regrets. I was desperate to enjoy life with my husband but struggled to keep up with his new lease of life.
Then I was reminded that every Weight Watchers leader was once a member standing in my shoes.

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