The good: No ephedra in this pill, however it seems to have a similar fat burning effect without the danger. The bad: Questions about the stability of the company, no proof to the effectiveness of the product and absolutely no money back guarantee. This means that Calotren offers zero money back guarantee to support the sales of their product. To top the cake, if your Calotren return is accepted, you will be waiting a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks before your credit or debit card is refunded, Nice one guys!
Looking a little deeper at the company, it is concerning that Top of the World was dissolved in April of 2000.
According to the Calotren instructions, the supplement should be taken before bed with no food consumed at least 3 hours before bed.

Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. It’s basically a laxative and the makers reccomend you take it before bed without food.
I immediately wrote down the name of this new diet pill knowing I would have to review the product. There are no reasons listed for the dissolution, yet the company still creates products under that company name.
On the contrary, Green tea, caffeine and synephrine have all been studied in the scientific community and offer supportive evidence that they work! Anyone with a brain knows you don’t eat before you go to bed–how is not eating after 8 if i go to bed at 11 a BAD idea?

Starving yourself will slow your metabolism, this is the opposite of what should be happening if you want to lose weight. While I remember none of the radio gibberish, one thing is for certain, bad diet pills are like the plague, they spread like wildfire. When visiting the website, the About page is focused more on telling you what the company will not DO for you as opposed to telling you about the company. Interestingly enough, the refund policy, located on the About page, states there are no refunds if you do not like the taste or if the product does not work for you!

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