Linda Carson's discovery of a unique weight loss plan that helped her succeed at losing weight was a dream come true for the newswoman who broke the glass ceiling as the first female news anchor at WXIA in Atlanta, and celebrated Super Bowl victories with her husband, NFL coach Bud Carson. Years ago, at Hartford's WTIC, Gayle King and I had a weight loss competition, complete with on-air weigh-ins. Carson first made headlines as the first female news anchor in Atlanta, Georgia, and shared Super Bowl victories with her late husband Bud Carson, the famed NFL head coach of the Cleveland Browns and defensive coach of the Pittsburg Steelers. Dr Mark Lupo, the endocrinologist who referred Carson to The Anderson Method, is also the president of the Academy of Clinical Thyroidologists. Anderson attributes the discovery of his unique methods to his own struggles trying to lose weight, as well as his training as a psychotherapist specializing in habit control and addictions.
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However, it is her success with weight loss, after years of failed attempts, that is her most prized victory. Lupo wrote the forward to the book, loves its no-nonsense approach based on sound science and medicine, but endorses it because it works. It is a psychotherapeutic solution, where the program creates a permanent change in a person's automatic habitual behavior and thinking patterns. Anderson himself was a failed dieter, obese and morbidly obese for twenty-five years until he developed his methods and lost 140 lbs. Developed by psychotherapist William Anderson, and provided in a structured training program by behavior therapists, it has been remarkably successful in helping people to lose weight and maintain that success. With his new book, Anderson hopes to spread his success to anyone who wants it, regardless of their location or economic status.

Dr Harris Stratyner, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York and internationally recognized authority in behavioral medicine recently featured The Anderson Method on his WFAS radio show. Stratyner is also Vice President of Clinical Services at Caron Treatment Centers in New York.

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