Calorie Cycling involves paying attention to eating less calories on easy, restful days, and consuming more calories on heavy workout days. To sign up for Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Barre, Dance, Aerial, or Pilates class or sign up for Fitness Coaching, Click Here.
My passion is educating others - whether at my full time job as a high school Psychology teacher, or with YOU my readers.
Going out and clearing your mind from a weight-loss plateau can help you relax and push forward. Here are my tried and true methods of how to break through a weight loss plateau and get your goals back on target!
For example, if you normally do 3 sets of 10 reps for biceps curls, simply complete 4 sets of 10 reps.

Having to take the extra 10 minutes or so to track what you eat can be worth it when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Try to avoid carbs from breads, fruits, and starchy items like oats, pasta  and white rice. To bring up the intensity and calorie burn in your workouts, reduce your breaks between weight training or cardio sets.
I have been in the fitness wold for almost 10 years, and currently am an Online Fitness Coach, Fitness Instructor, Pilates and Yoga and Aerial Yoga Instructor in Southern New Hampshire. Take a few days off, reevaluate your goals, and come back to your healthy lifestyle with a positive, refreshed mind. A lover of food (especially if it's gluten and dairy free!), getting outdoors, lifting weights, travel, writing, and snuggling with my two puppies.

Switch up the rhythm - try going all out energy for 20-30 seconds, and going easy for 30-40 seconds. Switch things up and keep yourself interested by trying out a new cardio workout - like Booty Barre, Aerial Yoga or Pole Fitness! My addictions include chocolate, coffee, cookies, and sharing my love of being HAPPY and HEALTHY!

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