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Falls, bee stings, burns, allergic reactions -- all of these are common accidents that can happen in any home or on any outing. Our HIFI (High-Intensity Functional Intervals) Cross-Training Program is a fun and challenging workout.
So, if you're looking to transform your body or improve your physical fitness the HIFI Cross-Training program here at Active Bodies is the workout program for YOU!!
If you live in the AZ East Valley area and love to mountain bike, enjoy meeting people, making new friends, and want to have lots of fun, this group is for you! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THROUGH THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT INFO - We want your experience with us to be a great one ! We offer a pretty cool workout program for up to six (6) participants that is guaranteed to work up a sweat and burn a boatload of calories!

The program is designed to hit every part of the body using a blend of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, body stabilization techniques and core development via dynamic body movements. You do NOT have to be a highly conditioned athlete (nor are you expected to be) to participate in this workout program. Santan Shredders does not require membership dues, however we do accept donations to offset the $19.95 monthly meet-up site fees. By joining Santan Shredders, you are agreeing to the Waiver, Release and Assumption of Risks at the very bottom of the page.
And, to keep it fun and mysterious any given workout can utilize kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes, dumbbells, sledgehammers, TRX, sandbags, and whatever else we can find. All rides include several rest stops allowing everybody a chance to catch up, stretch and catch their breath.
For security purposes, all members are required to have a current photo attached to their Meetup's profile that clearly shows their face.

Remember, no matter what other goals you might have for a particular ride, having a fun and safe ride is our most important focus.
We also offer help when needed so you can gain new skills and confidence while on the trails. Come out and enjoy the great views of the Mountains and the quiet get away from the everyday noise.

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