Recipe of Weight Loss Diet Tea allows you to make it at home and drink regularly in order to lose your excessive weight. Last week several ladies in my family decided that we were going to start a weight loss challenge. You are ingesting these oils and you want to make sure that you are putting the highest quality pure essential oil into your body. Medical Properties: Anti-tumoral, metabolic stimulant, antiseptic, detoxifying, diuretic, fat-dissolving, cleansing for kidneys, lymphatic and vascular system, antidepressant. Your body will burn fat and function more efficiently when you are putting clean natural food and products into it. Hey, is it safe to consume these pills considering there highly concentrated, wont they end up damaging you internally?? There is evidence that shows the makeup of Grapefruit essential oils are different than the juice in grapefruit. QUESTION: Many have asked about taking Young Living grapefruit essential oil when taking particular pharmaceuticals. I have been doing this for a few weeks now…and it is really helping me not feel hungry and helping me lose some weight! Yes you can add this to your Ningxia Red, just make sure that you are combining them in a glass and not plastic. I tried one of the capsules this am and excuse my french, but I literally had the “runs” all day!
I have make about 50 vegetarian capsules, do I need to put in fridge?keep in the freezer,frozen it?
Also, I have been drinking this myself and have already lost 3 pounds….simply AMAZING!!! Benefits of Lemon – they are full of Vitamin C and lemon juice is a digestive aid and liver cleanser.
Benefits of Cucumber – Did you know that cucumber actually has 95% water content that is actually more nutritious than plain water?! Benefits of Lime – The citric acid  in lime is an excellent fat burner and is full of antioxidants. Thanks for reminding me of this drink–as soon as I saw it I remembered SASSY Water (I think that is what is was called).
Mint is an acid and Lemon and Lime are Extremely acidic – so please be careful drinking this. Green Tea Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe photo by PerfectSmoothieThis low calorie smoothie contains green tea, which stimulates fat loss via substances called catechins, while lowering cholesterol. There is a caution about eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice when on certain medications as it intensifies the affect, but is this also true with Young Living grapefruit oil? The enzyme in the grapefruit pulp and juice are what break down the pharmaceuticals, leading to uneven drug levels.

I love the oils but am new to ingesting them…I have also read negative things about ingesting them so I am reluctant! If you can get a carrier in it that would be best, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. The photo-sensitivity only needs to be worried about if you put them directly on your skin.
Combine Lemon, Peppermint, and Grapefruit Essential Oils in a capsule to help you achieve your weight loss goals.
I make mine as I use them but I have read about people making them ahead of time and freezing them.
Tossed the avocado, mango and nuts with the salad dressing – then poured it right over the greens. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. At 46 calories per serving, you will burn more calories digesting this smoothie than you will absorb from it. My weight has fluctuated over the past several years and it is almost always explained by my eating habits in relation to my exercise habits. I have read different opinions on freezing and I think the consensus is that the extreme cold will damage the effectiveness of the oils. If you haven’t tried Young Living Essential Oils I would encourage you to check out my post Where Should You Get Your Essential Oils. Young Living essential oil comes from the skin of the fruit (such as when you bend any citrus skin back you will see micro-oil droplets pop out). However my exercise routine is pretty non-existent and I had 3 brownies yesterday so when I string a lot of those days together there is no essential oil that can help me lose weight or keep it off. There is also a Young Living product called Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil that you might want to try. They are made to break down to release their contents so you can’t keep them at room temperature. And I make what o need for the week and freeze them and that work better for me because I work and have classes after.
I always love drinking detox drinks especially during the Summer (see my Stress Relieving Detox drink here) so I have no problem drinking this refreshing drink. Then add these special ingredients like ginger (which helps calm your GI tract) and you’ve got an awesome detox. The apple mellows the spicy flavor of the watercress while the mint enhances the green tea tanginess. I thought moving to the country would help me stay trim and in shape because there is always some project to do. So I had to come up with a better solution because as you can probably relate, my life is busy.

You can also get the Vegetable Capsules from Young Living or they are available online here or at your local health food store. We all have to remember that these oils will HELP our bodies digest, fight cravings, burn fat and function properly but we have to give them the right conditions to work with. It has grapefruit essential oil to benefit skin texture and juniper essential oil to help detoxify and cleanse skin. What’s nice is that is makes a good amount and you drink 2-3 glasses a day which means it will last you  a few days. Try our green tea weight loss smoothie recipe as an appetizer or a pre-workout thirst quencher. I have been drinking my oils in the morning because that is when I am rushed for time (I still make a pill before dinner).
If that doesn’t work for you, you can put the mixture in a glass container and use a dropper. Check out this exhaustive list of greatness in this smoothie: it is a good source of calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6.
I still put the 4 drops each of Lemon, Peppermint and Grapefruit in my glass bottle and swirl it around before each drink. Make sure you check and make sure that the oil that you are drinking is safe for consumption. You should also add a carrier oil such as Young Living’s V6 oil, coconut oil or almond oil. If you are using this every day you could make a larger batch in an empty oil bottle and then take the plastic top of and use a dropper to get it out of that also.
I refill the bottle throughout the day and continue to swirl the water around before each drink so that I can pick up any oil that is left on the sides. HoliCoffee is a collector inspiration channel only and we really appreciate the hard working of origin blogger[s]. I’m not going to lie, when I was close to  my goal I was running and counting calories.
I didn’t deprive myself and I had pizza usually once a week but I made sure not to string too many bad meals together. I prefer this glass water bottle because it has a lid that you can pop of easily and then put back on so that you prevent spills. I’ve had birthday cake, cinnamon rolls, Halloween candy, pizza and so many more fattening things.
I did get on the treadmill yesterday and walked 2 miles but other than that I’ve done very little.

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