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As for her weight loss a year later, Amanda says she fluctuates between gaining and losing about 12 lbs.
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When Reddit user Amanda posted pictures of her transformational weight loss, she never expected to become an overnight phenom. Over the course of two years, Amanda lost an incredible 88 pounds on a high-fat, medium-protein, low-carb diet — also known as the keto diet. First off, keto is short for ketogenic, and the diet works by reducing the amount of carbs you put into your body, forcing it to burn up fat reserves in order to power itself.
The reason a bacon-y, buttery regimen could actually help you shed the weight has to do with how your body uses different kinds of food for energy.
The keto diet forces our bodies to access energy in a different way — we begin burning the fat that we eat and the fat that we store in our bodies. But us regular folks are inspirational too (more inspirational than the Kardashians, for sure).
A 22-year-old Canadian woman, through a proper diet and exercise, has undergone a major transformation.  And she is sharing her photos and story on Reddit to motivate others. While dealing with long-term depression, Aliesha Peterson’s therapist suggested she go to the gym.

Like many on a weight loss journey, Peterson says changing her diet was the hardest part of her transformation. With more than 77,000 users, the two-year-old subreddit is the network’s largest and most active weight-loss community. These revealing photos serve as inspiration for the community, which in turn rewards the submitters with compliments and karma (Reddit’s peer-approval point system). The Phoenix, Ariz., resident said she decided to slim down when she realized she was going to be the largest bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding party—in a size 16 dress. On a road trip with his parents, he happened to weigh himself in a McDonald’s bathroom and noticed he tipped the scale at over 300 pounds.
Known as moderndaymerlin on Reddit, his before-and-after photo is the subreddit’s third-most popular post of all time and made the front page when he posted it last year. But, after an inspired reader translated her progress photos into an oddly mesmerizing GIF, she became just that. People on keto diets typically focus on fatty meats, leafy greens, veggies, and eggs — but totally cut out sugars, refined grains, and fruit juices. When we eat sugar and carbs, our bodies react by producing insulin to help regulate our blood sugar; believers in the keto diet say that insulin both encourages sugar to be stored as fat and prevents fat from being burned as energy. A study of children on the keto diet (the diet was originally developed to treat epilepsy) found that fully 15% of them had heart abnormalities, likely due in part to increased cholesterol.
On one hand, working out helps you get in closer touch with your body, makes you feel stronger, and helps you appreciate what you can do — all good things!

Whether participants want to lose a few pounds or a few hundred, they’re welcome to document their progress, pose questions, and offer advice. Watching it happen in GIF form is pretty amazing, but the thing that really got our attention: the prominent role bacon played in her diet. After all, we’ve had “FAT BAD” drilled into our brains for so long that it seems tough to believe the health benefits of such a high-fat plan. And yes, there are lots of similarities between Paleo and keto diets, but very generally, Paleo diets tend to be extremely protein-focused, while this diet is heavy on fats and medium on protein. It’s the ol’ one-two punch — and why gobbling carbs can sometimes lead to gain unwanted weight.
Now these children were on the strictest version of the diet — if you’re not epileptic then you'll likely have a cheat day here or there — but it’s important to keep track of your cholesterol levels if you embark on a high-animal-fat diet of any kind. She managed to drop 30 pounds in time for her friend’s wedding, but she kept working toward her target healthy weight.
She actually lost the weight last year and posted pictures about it, but a recent animated time lapse (gif) lasting about five seconds ans showing her transformation has now sent the story viral.

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