Actually, most spas understand that the only real greens their guests need to see are golf greens and it is often possible to squeeze a round or two within the links, or even a massage, among those aerobics and yoga classes. Weight loss spas serve healthy spa cuisine and lots of exercise classes a combination that tones you up, burns calories, and gets you maintaining a healthy diet foods.Weight loss spasBiggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, Malibu, CAYou’ve heard about the Biggest Loser TV show, and also the popular show’s spinoff is a set of destination spas complementing its devotion to weight reduction, personalized wellness and tailored fitness and nutrition. All-inclusive packages include lodging, nutritionist-approved meals, special fitness programs, behavioral change coaching sessions along with a complimentary private nutrition and private training sessionGreen Mountain at Fox Run, Ludlow, VTBring your girlfriends or go solo-Green Mountain at Fox Run is dedicated to providing a life-changing weight loss and healthy lifestyle program for ladies (in a non-judgmental, casual environment, believe it or not).
You’ll learn (or should we say, re-learn) how you can eat, move and identify and solve behavioral issues.Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique, Monchique, PortugalWeight Loss ResortsLose weight at the first integrated five-star wellness resort within the Algarve. Surrounded by rolling green hills and galvanizing mountain and coastal views-not to say Longevity’s exclusive partnership with La Clinique de Paris and it is founder, Dr. Not just a health institute, but a paradise resort, Pritikin continues to be known to be “where the A-list goes,” based on BusinessWeek, and 110-plus studies in leading medical journals document the program’s results, from long-term weight reduction to diabetes reversal. Kamalaya Koh Samui, Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, Koh Samui, ThailandI named this Thai resort on my small spa bucket list because of its secluded, spiritual feel, and when a holistic wellness experience (with pristine beach, open sea views and lush vegetation) expires your alley, this is the spot for you. The intimate, all-inclusive program of fitness, nutrition and customised spa treatments is available in three-, four- or seven-day increments, serving those desiring a quick getaway or perhaps a lengthier stay.Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, Ivins, UTThe largest Loser Resort’s Utah property concentrates on exercise, healthy nutrition and education having a structured, calorie-controlled program.
It has been voted for “Best for Affordability,” “Best Exercise program,” “Best Hiking” and “Best for Weight Loss,”. From no-nonsense health clinics to luxurious resort and spa experiences, the science and experience with weight loss has come a long way in recent years decades. Whether you want to lose weight, find out about nutrition or make big changes in lifestyle, there is a location-based program for you.

Whether you need to lose weight, learn about nutrition or make big changes in lifestyle, there is a location-based program for you.Resorts for Weight Loss1.
Hilton Head Health Institute, Hilton Head Island, SCThe seaside location makes this serious weight reduction center, founded as a 4-week “fat farm” in 1974, seem like a spa. With a concentrate on transforming habits and lifestyle, guests come here not just to lose weight, but to learn to make smart nutrition and health decisions.A number of 1-week programs blending activities with hands-on learning and seminars try to reeducate guests about nutrition and use.
Lifestyle coaches evaluate the health insurance and weight-loss goals of each guest and enable them to choose from more than 30 fitness classes, including Pilates, beach walking and kickboxing. Duke Diet & Fitness Center,Durham, NCDuke University may be the grandmommy of no-frills weight-loss programs, producing scientifically-backed recent results for 31 years. A team of physicians, psychologists, nutritionists and fitness experts use clients to come up with a plan for private lifestyle changes.
The Biggest Loser Resorts, Ivins, UT and Malibu, CAWeight Loss ResortsWhich came first, The Biggest Loser Resort or NBC’s hit Television show, The Biggest Loser? The TV program’s namesake was the top-rated “Fitness Ridge Resort and Spa” until 2009 when, after several contestant- prize giveaways and appearances around the program, the connection became official.
Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA and Tucson, AZCanyon Ranch continues to be offering a high-end fitness and nutrition resort program since 1979, promoting better health through good living before it became trendy.
The desert and mountain locations are ideal for hiking, relaxation and focus.The initial resort in Tucson offers more than 40 classes, an 8,000-square-foot spa, 4 pools and most 60 wellness consultants. And a physician visit and blood work-up, guests get consultations with behavioral therapists, nutritionists and use physiologists.

Cooper Wellness Program, Dallas, TX and McKinney, TXThe Cooper Wellness program offers “long-term strategic planning” for a healthier lifestyle.
Clients who choose this no-nonsense approach are usually goal-oriented and interested in a scientific method of weight loss.
Founder Kenneth Cooper is considered the father of aerobics.Weight-Loss vacationThe middle features a spa and wellness program, in addition to a special obesity program.
A stay starts with a comprehensive physical exam along with a full nutritional and lifestyle assessment.
Guests attend fitness classes and lectures, and visit local restaurants to understand how to order healthier food.6. Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, Vista, CAFor those with cash to lose, San Diego’s Cal-a-Vie offers a luxurious cocoon in which to shed weight and firm up.
Only 24 guests at any given time are housed in the resort’s Spanish-style villas on the 200-acre expanse, which includes an 18-hole course and a 400-year-old chapel from Dijon, France, for meditation.Programs include morning hikes, spinning and aerobics classes, along with the latest fitness crazes like nia, which blends yoga and dance. Luxurious touches incorporate a 5-to-1 guest-to-staff ratio, workout clothes sent to your room and cooking classes.

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