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Tired of struggling with food cravings and maintaining a healthy diet, only to fall back into old habits?
This exclusive Weight Loss Retreat will introduce you to Ayurvedic recipes and perspectives on weight loss, to help you develop a new relationship between food and your body. Anyone can take this workshop, even those who don't need to lose weight - The principles we will discuss in this program will be a delight for anyone who seeks to unlock the mysteries of hunger and their relationship with food.
The 3-day retreat is filled with exciting Ayurvedic recipes, discussions about hunger, and interactive exercises led by Joyful Belly Founder and Director John Immel. This weekend-long retreat will show you how to get off the diet wagon and to stop trying to figure out what the next miracle food is!
The lectures in this course will help you find a real, sustainable solution to your struggles with weight. Interactive exercises will get you back in touch with your natural appetite, while gentle yoga poses reacquaint you with the intelligence of your own body.
We will convene at 12pm on Friday, October 24th for a light welcome lunch at the Asheville Movement Center (Click here for a map).
Saturday and Sunday will begin with lectures and yoga in the morning before lunch, and then will continue with lectures and yoga in the afternoon. Nestled in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a vibrant and exciting town filled with fun activities for you, your spouse, and your entire family. THE SPRING Resort and Spa is a magical place, located on an elevated promontory with dramatic views of Palm Springs and snow capped mountains.
Fresh Start Health Retreat Center in British Columbia, Canada has dedicated itself to helping its retreat guests recover from a variety of conditions and diseases in order to start living life to the fullest. Choose our 5-10-14 day Health Restoration Retreats and discover amazing secrets to total health and wellness with our advanced body cleansing programs at a beautiful Vancouver Island Oceanfront Retreat includes variety of different vegetable and fruit juices served daily, which our team members created and tested themselves. If you are drawn towards Mind Over Mountains®, you have an adventurous spirit and are looking for a unique life experience!
Copperhood Retreat and Spa is a peaceful sanctuary in NY where our guests have been reaching their wellness and rejuvenation goals for the past 29 years. Join Karen Sue Million, owner of Lake Travis Wellness Center and her staff for a 7 day, week long Wellness Cleanse Retreat in Austin, TX at the Lost Parrot Cabins to cleanse, renew and rebalance your body, mind and spirit.
Cleansing retreats are guided by Karen Million, an I-act certified colon hydrotherapist who has been leading cleanse & detox programs for 11 years.
During this 3-day immersion, you'll enjoy tasty treats and recipes that will completely transform your perspective on appetite, food, and weight loss. To augment the lectures, you'll be guided through gentle yoga exercises taught by leading local instructors, enjoy delicious Ayurvedic meals and snacks prepared by Joyful Belly staff, and discuss the concepts in the lectures with fellow workshop participants. Despite this incredible statistic, the weight-loss industry grosses over $1 billion per year.
Ayurveda is not a diet, but it offers a new understanding of your body that brings your food cravings into light and under control.
The key to weight loss is simple and can be accessed through listening to your body and developing good daily routines.
In these lectures, we will explore the underlying circulatory and metabolic imbalances that can lead to weight gain, water retention, blood sugar imbalances, and related disorders. We'll also explore the emotional roots of eating and food addiction, and will practice ways of soothing emotions without relying on the comfort of food.

From live outdoor music, delicious & healthy restaurants, beautiful hiking trails, and the revered Biltmore Mansion, you'll find plenty of enjoyable evening activities after a day of retreat lectures. The Ranch supports guests through outdoor physical activity, exercise sessions, and a structured nutritional diet of homegrown, fresh organic vegetarian fare.
This Detox Cleansing Fast California Spa Retreat offers the world famous Hot Springs natural mineral waters. Some guests arrive without major illness, but have a desire to improve their overall health and learn how to eat properly for maximum health.
The combinations of vegetables and fruit our blends consist of are specially chosen for their cleansing properties with focus on the GI tract, liver and blood.
Our retreats in Colorado, within the Rocky Mountains, are designed for women, who want to challenge and nurture themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in an inspiring setting. Nestled in the lush Catskill Mountains Forest Preserve, a beautiful two-hour drive from New York City, this elegant boutique retreat and spa provides the perfect balance of comfort and elegance, relaxation and fitness, and gourmet and healthful dining.
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Ayurveda can show you how to celebrate life and food again, while safely guiding you towards healthy eating habits. You will realize that you can trust your instincts when it comes to food and that your body can become your friend as you develop new tools to understand hunger and the meaning behind food cravings. And because the workshop is during the day, you'll have the opportunity to discover Asheville in the evenings. You'll leave this weekend feeling refreshed, inspired, and confident that you can make the right food choices to reach a healthy weight. Lectures will include exercises and group discussion to explore how the topic applies to you. Each evening, there will be a suggested healthy dinner venue where anyone who wants can share a meal with the group, John, and Joyful Belly staff members. Autumn is an exceptional time to vacation in Asheville because the leaves are just beginning to change colors and the crisp weather is invigorating. Unfortunately, due to fixed costs & the nature of a live event, we cannot offer refunds on cancellations. In one intensive week guests will gain physical endurance, shed unwanted pounds, tone up and detoxify, and recalibrate in a healthy and sustainable way all while “getting off the grid” and back to nature. Lose pounds of toxic weight and emotions, while relaxing and renewing in these healing waters. Others seemingly crawl to get here, having lost hope or feeling as if their bodies are breaking down. Our juice fast also includes husk drinks full of fiber, which is a magic sponge able to absorb several times more toxins than its own volume, and our special parasite cleanse formula designed to get rid of unwanted residents of your digestive tract and blood. Hiking in the mountains, supporting others and accepting challenges can inspire a fresh approach to life or trigger a new set of insights, giving a you renewed sense of confidence. We offer a wide range of customized programs for accelerated weight loss, detoxifying diets, juice fasting, raw food therapy and Ayurvedic Pancha Karma. By the end of the weekend, you will walk away feeling a new sense of self-confidence and inspired to explore your options in the kitchen.
This weekend weight loss retreat will introduce you to the Ayurvedic perspective on weight loss, and get you started on a natural, sustainable, and fun path to health.
You can resolve the source of your unhealthy tendencies with food, and find a lasting, loving solution.

You'll also sample food which complements the lecture topics and journaling exercises to facilitate your personal discovery process.
At his clinic in Asheville, North Carolina John coaches clients on the relationship between illness and emotions. A drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway will reacquaint you with the pure, simple serenity of the fall season. The Ranch's highly knowledgeable staff supports and nurtures its guests, while guiding them toward achieving the personal program goals they each desire, whether it’s weight loss or simply a much needed mental break. Whichever the reason, when our guests conclude our program, it's as if a miracle has taken place.
We have designed a series of idyllic days that include yoga, outdoor activities, spa treatments, inspiration, reflection, camaraderie, and healthy eating.
The cleansing fast retreat program includes ALL supplements, cleanse products, juices, soups, cooking lessons, guest lecturers, counseling, Yoga, massage, and colonics.
Give yourself the gift of discovering your unique needs, paving the way for the lifelong journey toward health.
Juice Fasting Retreats are held in Desert Hot Springs, California at Lido Palms Resort & Spa. While our spa services are not included in the package, they are provided for additional fees. Our retreats incorporate Life Coaching during and after the retreat to keep the experience alive and relevant to your life at home. You will also enjoy the company of and get inspired by other enthusiastic students for a weekend of self discovery.
He experienced Ayurveda for the first time while working on public health and service projects in South Asia and the Middle East.
You can enjoy two completely different juice cleanse retreats with all the special healing benefits of naturally, hot mineral spring water.
The 5 day program is a Juice Rejuvenation ( Juice Fasting ) program, the 10 day program is an Advanced Whole Body Cleanse, and the 14 day program is a complete Health and Wellness Makeover. Come rest and relax and have fun with us while you re-program your body and your brain toward better health and improved vitality. Cleansing and enhancing my body and mind has been a personal pleasure and passion of mine for several years. The average person, even with a flat stomach, carries around in their bowel 10 - 15 POUNDS (often more) of PURE TOXIC WASTE.
My Cleansing Retreat Program is the result of traveling the world and finding out first hand what I feel has been most effective. I will continue to seek out the best possible methods of cleansing and detoxifying, for others and myself.
One of the reasons that a cleanse is so dramatically effective is that it commonly removes stress and dis-ease causing toxic emotions.

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