The main purpose of a Weight Management Retreat is to empower you to take control of your health. As with all we aim to look at Weight Management from a holistic point of view, it is not just about your time here but we aim to help you continue to manage your weight from this point forward. Psychologically we look at any underlying issues that may be inhibiting you from achieving the body you are proud of.
Physiologically look at different types of food and show how they affect your body’s internal environment. Physically look at your body composition and work on increasing lean muscle mass and burning fat. Combining nutritionally balanced meals, super foods and natural supplements with daily fun beach side fitness classes and activity programs, colon cleansing, educational talks and workshops, counseling, life and vision coaching, as well as proven hypnotherapy and NLP techniques for weight loss, this retreat really will exceed your expectations! Goa happens to have a number of them along its coast, which serves as a much sought after retreat.
The Beach House Goa is located 5 km from the commercial capital of Margao, 6 km from Margao railway station and 27 km from Dabolim Airport - conveniently connected to tourist centres in both north and south Goa. Situated along the Western Ghats, near one of the highest waterfalls in India, Dudhsagar and Goa's biggest wildlife sanctuary, Azuska retreat is an ideal rejuvenation centre that offers an unspoken touch to nature.
Weight Loss Spas and Retreats conduct programs for guests who are seeking a vacation or away-from-home experience to jump start a healthier life.
You looked at all the risks, the challenges, and the long road ahead, and you didn't back down. What you may have not realized is that when you accomplished what you did, you also joined an ironclad sisterhood of strong women who have made the same commitment and followed through, just like you.
Let’s get RAW about your weight loss journey…through life-changing health education and REAL camaraderie from brave girls who have been there, done that, and are deserving of reaching their Bariatric Promised Land. The moment after your bariatric weight loss surgery is complete is the beginning of your new life. Brave Girl Wellness & Retreats makes no warranties that this site will meet your requirements.
Weight Loss Retreats at Como Shambhala Estate are an education in long term healthy eating choices. Como Shambhala’s Weight Loss Retreats incorporate wellness programs which improve lymphatic circulation and increase the body’s detoxifying powers. An hour away from the hustle and bustle of South Bali, Como Shambhala is located near to Ubud. If you join a weight program using detox, you will enjoy herbal cleansers, healthy juices and massages to aid elimination.
With an expert Nutritionist onsite to guide you through your weight management program, you’ll quickly become conscious of the beneficial effects of good food. Como Shambhala is set on a sprawling jungle estate and, with pretty much year round good weather, your fitness holiday will be both indoors and outdoors. These fitness retreats are great for couples who want to challenge themselves as they include Eastern practices such as Chi Kung and Yoga as well as fitness studio sessions and Pilates. Although it’s not very far to Ubud, most guests tend to stay in the resort and focus on optimum fitness. Como Shambhala is a tropical oasis in Ubud, Bali which has state of the art facilities including a vitality pool, pilates studio and fitness gym as well as a yoga pavilion set against a jungle backdrop.
Como Shambhala has a professional set up both in terms of equipment and expert guidance with a resident Nutritionist and trainers. After personal consultation, your fitness program will be tailored to introduce you to new practices such as yoga or pilates or encourage you to go deeper into an existing practice. With an expert Nutritionist onsite to guide you through the program, you’ll quickly become conscious of the beneficial effects of good food.

Two types of guest; those who currently have an active lifestyle and regularly train in some way but want to deepen their practice and assess their current vitality. Located in the Hunter Valley, two hours away from Sydney, this is the only place you should be heading to if wine-tasting is not on the agenda. Hidden amongst 150 acres of rainforest in the Kangaroo Valley, Cedarvale has been running for over 20 years.
Leisa Wheeler hosts six and eight day detoxification, healing, and raw food retreats using her knowledge from qualifications in naturopathy, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, electrotherapy, massage, and raw food therapy. A weight loss program that goes beyond eating well and exercising, this is specialized to modify the lifestyles of participants so they can continue to shed pounds and keep them off after they return home. Located in the Byron Bay hinterland, this is a health retreat which you can easily shape to cater for your own needs.
This company hold intensive detoxification retreats in several Byron Bay locations as well as Bali. MOST VIEWED ARTICLESSYDNEY EATS We're more than understanding of different wants, tastes and needs…MELBOURNE EATS Food in Melbourne? We aim to motivate you to make the necessary changes to achieve a healthy, wholesome diet that supports your body and makes it stronger, fitter and healthier so you can live the life you want. Each and every one of us has a different body chemistry, it is important to understand ourselves better and know which foods and drinks aggravate our system and which are more suitable for us. Weight becomes irrelevant when your body tissues are in the right proportions to support your skeleton and internal organs, improve your posture and make your body strong, supple and mobile (not to mention lean and toned!). With whispering palms, open vistas and the beach a mere shell's throw away, The Beach House provides all the ingredients for natural rejuvenation at this stunning lifestyle destination. There are, however unknowns to navigate in which post bariatric weight loss surgery support is necessary. Information shared and links presented on the website and blog are presented solely for health and educational purposes. Of course its great to release toxins from the body and feel light and clearer in the mind, but you also need to consider how to sustain that post cleanse. The resort is situated near Bali’s spiritual centre Ubud, on a breathtaking tropical jungle estate. The residences are scattered over a sprawling tropical estate, its exclusivity truly lies in the majestic beauty of its setting.
With a resident team of experts, including a Nutritionist and an Ayurvedic Doctor, you're weight loss program will be designed by experts and personalized with your aims in mind.
Daily yoga, swimming,nature walks and massage help to stimulate lymphatic drainage and release of toxins.
With wellness consultations, personal fitness training and guided challenges alongside nutritional (and delicious!) meals, you should reach the end of the program beginning to feel like revitalize and on the right track towards your optimum weight and overall fitness. With a team of resident wellness experts, you’ll have a specific fitness program assigned to you post fitness consultation. In-between workouts, the resort has a revitalizing spa and invigorating vitality pool to freshen up and relax. There are lots of different villas and suites to choose from and designs vary from traditional to contemporary so please inquire.
The stunning location and pleasant year round weather make it the perfect location for fitness training both in and outdoors. Your fitness program will be tailored specifically to you and you'll not be limited to air conditioning with outdoor workouts too.
Daily personal training and fitness assessments are provided and you will leave feeling like you’ve re-activated your energy and given yourself the core techniques to stay vitalized. Secondly for those who want to embark on a healthier lifestyle and want to challenge themselves with a new health regime and later relax post workout in the lap of luxury.

The Golden Door combines a holistic blend of exercise, nutritious cuisine, health education, relaxation and spa indulgence into various programs ranging from two to seven days in duration.
They offer 5, 12, 0r 19 night programs, which includes doctor consultations, pathology tests, vegetarian meals, spa treatments, health talks and hands on cooking demonstrations. The week includes juice fasting and raw food, yoga classes, guided meditations, unlimited use of an infra-red detox sauna, deep tissue massage, health seminars, and food preparation classes. If its a relaxing weekend away to lounge by the pool and use the spa, or a more intensive 5 day weight loss program, the numerous packages allow you to choose how much or little you do. Arajilla features a wellness spa which specialises in ancient Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments and lifestyle consultations. You can choose to participate in group programs throughout the year or even personalise your own private detox retreat at a time that suits you best.
Through educational talks and workshops and 1-1 sessions on the Weight Management retreat we aim to enable you to make conscious decisions about the food you eat.
But Goa's lesser known wild life beauty and natural heritage structures are left completely undiscovered. Let Brave Girl Wellness & Retreats guide you through your next phase of learning how to keep your weight off after bariatric surgery or whatever weight loss plan or diet you have chosen. It has an outstanding selection of luxury accommodations ranging from Balinese style grand residences to contemporary villas complete with private pool and treatment rooms.
We loved the selection of accommodation to suit luxury to uber chic, all set within a lush jungle canopy. If you opt for a fitness program this could include Yoga, Gym, Pilates and swimming alongside expert nutritional guide. Glow is an open sided all day dining restaurant where you can watch the chef’s preparing meals such seared mahi-mahi with baby zucchini, chickpea and mint salad or a fresh coconut curry.
Daily sessions, one to one consultation and advice on nutrition ensure that by the time you leave the fitness retreat you’ll have core techniques to maintain fitness and a nutritional guide to healthy living.
We adore both the Indonesian grand residences and the contemporary white on white retreat villas.
Upgrade any of the packages with a focus on getting fit, detoxing, losing weight or becoming a yogi. They offer four different wellness programs: Sleep Easy, De-stress, Back Mangament, and Lifestyle. With a strong focus on eliminating toxins from the body, the programs include naturopathic analysis incorporating Urinalysis, Gastrointestinal Testing and Blood Pressure Monitoring, colonic hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, yoga, mediation, sound healing, spiritual counselling, massage, bodywork and more.
You detox retreat will be personally tailored with a juice or meal plan given to the restaurant chef. Como also has state of the art facilities such as vitality pool, Pilates studio and gym as well as a yoga pavilion set against a jungle backdrop. The estate has a great selection of daily activities such as nature walks and meditations too.
Our personal favorite is Kudus House, an ancient Javanese Joglo which serves breakfast and dinner. Our personal favorite is Kudus House, an ancient Javanese house which serves breakfast and dinner.
If you have any questions about your personal health, please check with your doctor and or your bariatric medical team.
If you are challenged with a medical condition, please consult your health care practitioner to determine whether our detoxification program and lifestyle foods are appropriate for you.

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