It starts when we’re just toddlers, we offer rewards, like stickers or candy if you use the potty.
It’s definitely not easy, I have near constant internal battles, on whether I should eat something or not. So since I am slowly but surely making progress towards a healthier me, I thought I would institute a reward system for myself.
I tried the scale and rewards thing and my weight slowly crept up and up because after each reward I would put lbs back on.
Janice- The Fitness Cheerleader recently posted…Giveaway: Spartan Race Entry a?? Are You Spartan Strong? Over the years one of my BFFs and I have engaged in multiple weight-loss challenges together, to varying success.
I know that rigorous goals have been met with moderate success over the years, so this time I am taking a different approach.
While I don’t plan to reward myself with monetary things as this could be a slippery slope (why yes I DO deserve that Burberry coat!), my first reward is a silly gift for myself.
As you guys probably remember, I’m a big fan of weight loss rewards (that have nothing to do with food).
I broke it up into 5% rewards this time, and to explain the first two rewards, I made a couple of purchases earlier this month. There’s not many clothing rewards on here, because when I was on a roll with weight loss, I had plenty of smaller sized clothes (between family and friends) that are sitting pretty in my closet.
That same process sticks around throughout life, rewards for doing the things you don’t want to do, or in the case of credit cards (for instance), if you use their card, you get cash back.

You can read about my journey here), you know that I suffer and struggle with Binge Eating Disorder on a daily basis. Growing a company, planning a wedding and launching a major rebrand simultaneously definitely made it hard for me to stick to routines in my lifestyle. While I do have a rough number in mind for my weight-loss goal, I’m not planning to focus so much on the exact digits as I know trading fat for muscle can keep the scales from providing dramatic results, especially early on. I loved it in the store, but unfortunately they were all out of my size in all of the stores across town. Even if I haven’t reached my magic number by that point yet, I can gauge my success by wearing a fun, tight-fitting outfit for NYE. I went to the dentist last week, and found out that three cavities ended up needing root canals (I have the worst excuse for tooth enamel ever…). I won’t have an excuse, and with the weather as gorgeous as it is right now, I think I’m going to try to run again this week! One of my favorite times of the year to purchase make-up is during the holiday season, so I purchased this blush set and this eyeshadow palette.
Admittedly, over the past week, I’ve felt more in control of myself and my eating, than I have in a long long time. I just can’t say I want to lose 5 lbs and reward myself with a manicure, and then not lose anything, but get the manicure anyway. I was fine in the beginning but after a few months, I started eating worse and worse and eventually (when I stopped nursing) gained it all plus MORE back. Over the past year many important things began to be left by the wayside, in hopes to be picked up again later.

Plus, we recently upgraded our gym memberships to the club directly next to our office so finding time to squeeze in a workout is easier than ever. If I can accomplish a small goal in the near term - say 5lbs - I’ll let myself bite the bullet in hopes to keep the momentum going. I know Friday (food-wise) will be a challenge, between an office party and of course, the temptations of the Trick-or-Treat candy bowl, but this will be my first big test of the holiday season.
I bought this palette when it was on crazy sale at HSN, but when I got it, I thought that it would be fun to break this open when I saw a new weight decade for the first time in months. Although I think some one-pieces can be really sexy, confidently slipping on a bikini is a milestone I’d like to cross off my list. Maybe I’ll have to throw a party?) I usually shy away from very form-fitting pieces so wearing something tighter will not only make my husband happy, but will mean that I’ve reached a point where I can confidently and comfortably show off my hard work! I probably could have made healthier choices, but there was a good bit of ice cream and cream-based soups involved in the healing process.
With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I’m going to have to get my willpower going.
They are both sitting pretty in their boxes on my bathroom counter right now, and I’ll open one of them for my 5% reward and the other for my 10% reward. I usually don’t follow-through with the rewards so buying in advance would be good for me.

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