About 7 years ago (around the age of 21), after living on campus for two years while attending university, my weight had reached its highest point. While I work full time in Human Resources, I am dedicated to helping others and am a Personal trainer offering in person and online training. I’ve been on my fit journey almost three years now.   I started with my church, participating in the Daniel Fast and since then I never looked back!
If you’ve had an amazing transformation over the years, share with us your before and after photo. I began going to the gym 3-5 days a week and joining an accountability group with some friends. I am currently struggling to be consistent in the gym, but your stories definitely motivated me!
My family LOVES to eat, and healthy alternatives to traditional meals were never really explored.

It was becoming increasingly hard to do simple tasks like climb stairs or speed walk to a class I was running late for. I steadily lost 2-3 pounds per week through education, revamping my diet, and getting active. I can honestly say that staying consistent with doing gym workouts and boot camps 5-6 days weekly and eating clean 80% of the time has gotten me 60 lbs lighter.  As I continue my journey,working on toning and strength, I stay consistent and stay focused on the task, and have fun in the process.This is a hard, but rewarding journey! The type that I have, my tumors will never go away, but as long as they do not grow rapidly then I will be okay.
I H A T E my stomach area, but I love food too much to even dedicate myself to waste time at a gym. By doing this the right way, I have been able to keep the weight off 7 years later and stand today, age 28 at 130lbs.This feeling has and will continue to motivate me to stay on track. In order to reduce my chances of the cancer not coming back aggressively I decided to take control of my health by eating right and working out !

My starting weight at the beginning of my weight loss journey was 220lbs – my end weight was 130lbs. It was from that point on that I seriously knew a change had to come and I, for the first time ever, made a life time commitment to myself that my life would change for the better! The most important thing that I have learned from this journey is to love myself throughout this whole process!

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