December 29, 2010 44 Comments We’ve seen a lot of Twilight themed tattoos over the years. Mrs Ward bakes cakes for Morrisons in Whitley but at home she heads for the cross-trainer in her Twilight-themed spare room where she works out to DVDs and soundtracks of the movies. We’d like to congratulate Cathy on her weight loss journey , and best wishes on a bright future with lots of energy to enjoy it! We really should thanks to the saga and kristen for being so dam beautiful I have lost 50 pounds since april.
I can’t imagine undergoing the tattoo ordeal, but can certainly relate to the joy the stories bring and the motivation the books inspire! Thanks for all your comments, I still love the tattoo and have just started on the next phase.
I’m going to get a Twilight tattoo but not that big but I’M SAYING TWILIGHT HAS THE MOST DEDICATED FANS ! I just love how Twilight empowers each of us to try new things or step out of our comfort zones. That tattoo is complex, just thinking about how much that hurt makes me shudder ^_^ It looks good, though and it’s a cool gift for herself if that is what she really wanted.

Have just had 3 hours work done on 1st sleeve – its joined to the back tattoo from the shoulder. So far, Cathy Ward has spent ?2,200 (which is roughly equal to $3,400 American dollars at current exchange rates), and has endured almost an entire day under a tattoo artist’s needle. I can understand how being inspired by something you love (like Twilight) can motivate you to accomplish things. Seriously though there’s a site I bet no one’s started-twilight weight loss group!
But hey if it makes her happy and it celebrates something she worked really hard at accomplishing, who are we to say if it’s right or wrong?
Needless to say I will be showing it off once ive had a bit more work done-its going to be awesome!
I’ve just started going back to the gym and I often listen to the soundtracks on the elliptical or treadmill. Not cool to spend that much money on something that will look terrible in 5 years when her skin starts sagging, or she tires of Twilight and something else strikes her fancy. Going through my divorce a couple years ago, I was lost, didn’t know what was next in life.

In the midst of depression & struggling with life issues, it is hard to see that these struggles are temporary. I had started reading Twilight before my divorce and then after we separated I read the rest of the books. I commend you for doing the tattoo because it will always remind you that whatever comes your way, you can make it through.
I know after reading the series and going through hard times the story itself made me look at life differently.
These books got me through such a horrible time in my life and I thank God for them everyday because I wouldn’t have made it through without them. In response to dedicated Twilight fans yes I think they well always have a HUGE fan base despite when the films are done. I had all 4 book covers placed exactly how I wanted them within the art work and he did exactly that.

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