Makers of a weight loss additive called Sensa will return more than $26million to consumers to settle federal charges that the company used deceptive advertising claiming that consumers could lose weight by simply sprinkling the powder on their food. Sensa Products LLC promoted the powder through major retailers like Costco and GNC and with infomercials on the Home Shopping Network and other television networks. But Federal Trade Commission officials said Tuesday the company used bogus clinical studies and paid endorsements to rack up more than $364million in sales between 2008 and 2012.
The government’s settlement with California-based Sensa is part of a broader crackdown on four companies peddling weight-loss products including food additives, skin creams and dietary supplements.
Rich told reporters that the weight loss products targeted by FTC both waste consumers’ money and prevent them from seeking out legitimate treatments.
Regulators acknowledged that they were only able to collect a fraction of what the public paid for the products in recent years.
According to the FTC complaint, Hirsch conducted two misleading studies and wrote a book used to sell Sensa. FTC also said that Sensa failed to disclose that some customers who appeared in company ads were paid $1,000 to $5,000 and received complementary trips to Los Angeles.

Arizona-based HCG Diet Direct marketed liquid drops of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, which is produced by the human placenta. The hormone has been falsely promoted as a weight loss aid for decades, despite no evidence supporting that use.
Learn to control your body’s insulin response and your body will stop being inclined to store fat, according to best selling author and researcher Gary Taubes. Interestingly, while insulin is more concentrated in the blood, it also prevents fat from leaving fat cells.
This is one of Taube’s primary messages in Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat.
The companies will together return about $34 million to consumers to settle the federal charges. In the case of Sensa, FTC officials said much of the revenue was quickly spent on advertising, including infomercials. Alan Hirsch are barred from making weight loss claims for any future products unless they are supported by two rigorous clinical trials.

The company claimed that the powder enhanced the smell and taste of food, leading users to feel fuller and eat less. Under the FTC settlement, L’Occitane will repay $450,000 to customers and is prohibited from making such claims in the future without proper clinical studies. Released by the pancreas, insulin sends blood sugar to the fat cells, where it is converted into body fat. After a period of adjustment, your body will recapture it’s ability to burn fat for fuel.

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