The constipation is a gastrointestinal ailment in which stools move very slowly, if person have very busy life schedule, then this problem occurs. The eradicate constipation take fibers diet and drink more liquid, pregnant women also suffer from this problem and they should consult their doctor immediately. Infant who are feeding by their mothers pass four liquid bowel movements in a single day in their first week after birth and in initial three months they pass three semi liquid bowel movements in a single day. The main cause of constipation in children who are more than eighteenth month is that they avoid washroom because of play. If your infant is less than four months then you have to consult your doctor or any other medical professional.

Whenever a patient change his or her lifestyle it can be reversed, it is very easy to change into normal bowl just take regular light exercise and take plenty of water. Constipation can be seen in all age groups, in constipation the bowel movement is slow and painful while in normal it is frequent and without any pain. If your infant is four to eight months, then you can apply this home remedies just as gave them fruit juices like apple in two to four ounces per day and from eight to twelve months six ounces per day.
Constipation is not related to any medical disorder, but it can occur with the change of diet, medicine or attitude.
There are some other cause of this constipation like changing in diet, behaviors and containing less amount of fibers in diet.

In condition less than the mentioned time the infant may be suffering from constipation and during bowel movements the infant cry because of pain that is due to hard bowel. There are some common symptoms of constipation like less than three stools in a week, blockage and delay stools pass. There are two types of constipation, but the chronic condition is more serious and should be consulted with your doctor.

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