Updated Excel Weight Loss TrackerBy Debra Dalgleish, on January 10th, 2012You know how tough it can be to maintain two versions of the same file. So, instead of having two versions of the Excel weight loss tracker – pounds and kilograms – I've rolled them into one workbook. When you open the Excel weight loss tracker, go to the WeightGoals sheet and select a measurement system – pounds or kilos – from the data validation drop down.
The workbook has a measurement system lookup table, which uses INDEX and MATCH formulas to find the correct information for the measurement that you selected.
In this version of the weight loss tracker, there is a pivot table to summarize the data (why didn't I think of that before!). Losing weight is all about motivation, and a great way to stay motivated is to regularly weigh yourself and take your body measurements.
However, for some people, keeping track of their weight can be a troublesome task because they don’t have the organization skills to be able to record their weight over a certain period of time. The Nutribar templates are very similar to the charts that medical professionals use to keep track of the height and weight of their patients; therefore, making it a very effective way to stay organized. Print out our easy log sheets to help you keep track of your workouts, diet, measurements, and supplement intake. Great Calorie Calculator - calculate your daily calorie needs with this easy to use daily caloric intake calculator. Simply print and fill in the blanks of this "Monthly Weight Loss Chart" to track your progress.

Printable weight loss chart for men records weight, measurements, exercise and calories for a five week time frame. Track your weight over a 60 day period by filling in this form, then chart your weight loss over time on the provided graph. A five week weight loss chart for women recording daily weight, calorie intake, exercise and measurements. Free download of an Excel spreadsheet designed to track daily weight and BMI and to automatically analyze and chart the data for you. Motivating quotes - awesome weight loss motivation, The rest of these weight loss inspiring quotes i’ve collected, hoping that they will help fuel the flame of others’ successes. For now, there is a separate file for the stone measurements, because it has a different layout on the data entry sheet.
Since we've selected Pounds in this example, the labels say "Lbs to Lose" and "Height (Inches)".
After you enter data, just click Refresh All, and the pivot table and dashboard chart are updated.
The sheets are protected, with the data entry cells unlocked, and there's no password on the worksheets. It is very important to take body measurements in addition to weighing yourself because typical bathroom scales only show you how much you weigh; they don’t tell you what your fat to muscle ratio or BMI is. If you are one of those people, you will certainly benefit from using Nutribar Weigh Loss Tracker, a special downloadable excel template that allows users to jot down the fluctuations in their weigh.

The reason why is because it can help users stay organized when tracking their weight loss or gain.
In addition, this template is totally free to download on computers that use Windows Vista, Windows XP and 7. Allows you to determine the amount of calories burned during your daily exercise routines or everyday activities. Tracking your progress is a great way to stay motivated because it can help you see how far you’ve come and help you stay on track. This template allows users to enter down vital information each week such as their weight, measurements and muscle to fat ratio. This template is in the form of a calendar, so you can choose to track your weight on a weekly or daily basis, and it even helps you organize what you have eaten that day. It leaves space for the type of exercise, number of minutes, heart rate, and recovery rate.

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