In modern medicine, we understand digestion as the chemical enzymes that are secreted in the mouth, stomach etc to break down the food. For instance, if you don’t drink enough water, you will come to realize how much fatigue can come from it. Subscribe to our social channels so you can keep up with all fresh news and tips from this weight loss blog.
Try to avoid drinking large quantities of fluid (i.e glassfuls) for at least 30 minutes before a meal.
For those trying to lose weight, the No.1 recommendation here, is to avoid the fluids straight after your meals.

For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! Cold drinks just before, during or after meals will definitely compromise the digestion of your food.
When a person does not take in enough water necessary to keep their body in a healthy condition, they may experience an entire medley of negative affects. This infographic explains the importance of water to not only your health, but also your weight.
Sufficient, regular fluids (water etc) are great for overall health & healthy weight management, but just not straight after you eat.

It’s vital to have 8 glasses of distilled water daily to operate the body functions and achieve The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for supreme health! You will learn ways to combat that pesky weight gain and start on your trail to being trim and fit as well as gain insight on how the body works.
Few prefer water over many flavored drinks, but if you think about it, our body is not 75% flavored drinks.

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