I play volleyball and I started to notice that I was getting out of breath a lot and it was affecting my playing skills. This motivated me to loose the weight because I actually had a goal that I really wanted to achieve. After I started work out and do all the things I was suppose to do, prom came around and my prom dressed for perfectly, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to work harder.How did you change your eating habits?I love to eat! For example, instead of having 3 slices a pizza, fries and a soda, I would have 1 slice of pizza, a little salad on the side and a bottle of water.
I love bacon, so instead I would have 1 slice of turkey bacon with egg whites and toasted wheat bread some mornings.
I will always have a day out of the week where I would treat myself to something I want to eat, such as a little chocolate bar.

That was only on a Fridays.What did your workout routines look like?My workout routines were in the mornings.
There was a little break in my workout for 2 months only because I was loosing so much weight when I started that my prom dress was getting to loose. Full time working mom, wife, kid in modeling and acting, active in church activities (no excuses). I began working out 15mins a day right before I picked up my kids just to get into a routine. I lost the weight in 8 mos but I tell everyone 2 yrs bc it’s more important for one to see the journey than the lbs lost.
You could even try drinking a glass of water before one meal then increase it to all meals.

I just read something about SMALL changes adding up to BIG results and you are proof in the pudding!
Please consult your physician or a qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health and well being or on any opinions expressed within this website.

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