You can absolutely lose weight with yoga and there are enormous advantages to using yoga for weight loss over other artificial means and methods.  In this 3 part series I am going to first discuss why yoga is good for permanent and safe weight loss and here I am going to give you a great reason why to choose Yoga exercises for burning fat and losing weight.
This list of reasons is really quite long, but let me just point out the top five reasons why you are better off using yoga to help reduce weight, as opposed to being suckered in by all the other quick weight loss gimmicks, pills, gadgets and diets out there. So stay tuned for part 2 of this series where I will be detailing for you one of the best yoga sets for losing weight safely and permanently.
Stand erect, keep your legs together; place your palms in front of the chest (like in Indian greeting sign).
Rise your arms above your head; strain yourself a bit and lean your head and body back a little. Lean forward, trying to reach the floor or your feet; it is good if you can place your palms on the floor completely and touch the knees with your forehead. When you bend forward, exhale; pull your stomach in when you fully bent if you can, to empty your lungs as much as possible.
Lower your body to the floor in a way that only your toes, knees, chest, palms and chin touch it.
Hold your breath when you reach the final point in this position (it should be after exhale). It is that time of the year to exercise your grey cells and chalk out a plan for the New Year. For improved flexibility:How many times have we, knowingly or unknowingly, massaged our hurting back?
For a fitter body: Most of us have ‘going to a gym’ or ‘cycling’ or ‘reducing our waistlines’ on our New Year's resolution list.
For sharp minds and sharp decisions: A hasty decision may sometimes lead to undesired results.

For spending time with loved ones: Hand-held video games, social media and birthday parties, all succeed in keeping your children busy, while your spouse may be occupied in checking out the latest designer labels in the newly opened mall. Although adopting a good weight loss diet may give you some results, it is very hard to maintain such a life when living a normal life. The yoga weight loss tricks that are provided in my free ebook below provide a powerful and practical alternative to the ineffective conventional methods that you have been using. While many asanas can serve this purpose, I usually start simple and suggest beginning with well-known and rather simple Surya Namaskar practice (the full image is at the end of the post). The Surya Namaskar is done in rounds; as you have noticed, you place your right leg back, and then left leg follows it. Many a time, we try to reach for a jar only to realise that we have ended up with a muscle pull. Times are only getting busier, so yoga can become an excuse for the whole family to take time out. Those of you, who have tried to lose weight, are already aware of this one basic fact, which is; most diets that are recommended for weight loss bring only some temporary results. Also, please  'LIKE'  Energy Healing Secrets  on Facebook to stay up to date with new posts and gain the INSIDES on Healing, Wisdom and the New Age!
A few minutes of Kapalbhati Pranayama everyday could help you lose inches from your waistline. Once you interrupt your diet, you will be back to your old ways, and facing the same problem. Even as a Chiropractor, Reiki Master and Holistic Healer I was also tempted many convectional weight loss methods that are being touted all over the place. The origin of Surya Namaskar is traced back to ancient Indian scripture Rig Veda, so its efficiency has been proven through the ages.

Surya Namaskar – a series of different yoga poses, work on the core muscles of your body –is a complete body workout and a few quick rounds everyday would not only leave you fresh and energetic but also help you lose an inch or two. You become capable of taking the right call at the right time without wasting time on re-strategising.“Yoga helped me discover skills and capabilities I never knew I had. Regular yoga practice helps release stress and toxins, which have been stored deeply within the system.
Additionally, pills and many diets that are usually recommended for weight loss are not very healthy. These yoga weight loss tricks entail some simple sport exercises that will certainly transform your life like it has done for others.
Yoga weight loss success come easy but first get an idea about Yoga which I give you in my Free ebook. In this world of quick fixes, fast food and speeding cars, we seem to have forgotten our traditional practices and ignored the fact that a stich in time saves nine.
You almost become a channel for the most surprising things that flow through you,”shares SrinivasUppaluri, Management Consultant, Bangalore.
As such, you can look forward to a younger-looking healthy body, a peaceful mind and a refreshing personality. Believe it or not, with Yoga weight loss strategies I was able to loose 20 lbs of my excess weight in 2 month.

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