I highly recommend this breakfast if you are trying to loss weight, are hungry often in the morning, or are low on energy and a good mood at the start of your day. It is a yogurt cereal concoction that is very healthy and helps stave off hunger, so you can make it to lunch without snacking. I also added more cereal because I didn't like the consistency of the dish and I still could not make it until noon without hunger pains. Keep a few bags tucked into your desk at work, and a fiber-rich snack will never be far from reach.

The sugar fuels your muscles for maximum power, and the protein helps rebuild them afterward. So let us introduce you to Wholly, the supermarket’s most reliable purveyor of authentic, avocado-based guac. That’s how each bag ends up with nearly a third of your day’s vitamin A.DISCOVER 30 MORE of the 50 Best Snack Foods for Weight Loss by clicking here.SAVE $$$ AND CALORIES NOW! For the latest food swaps and weight-loss tips, sign up for our free newsletter full of diet tricks, menu hacks, and easy ways to a healthier, happier you.Photo: Courtesy of Eat This, Not That!

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