Recent articles from news sources including Bloomberg, USA Today and Nationa€™s Restaurant News show that food prices are positioned to increase dramatically the remainder of this year into next year.
Increased food costs, whether in the form of commodities, raw groceries or prepared foods, eventually make their way to consumers in higher menu prices and groceries. Food service providers, including manufacturers, grocers and restaurants have already stated increases to their pricing.
Having a structured program in place that focuses on various aspects of a food service loss prevention program.

Working with your employees to communicate, educate and make them aware of theft, its consequences to the business and to the individual. Increases in corn, rice, sugar and other commodities are making their way to the consumer through increases in food and groceries. Coca-Cola for example, already stated that they would increase prices the 2nd half of this year. At the macro-level it may not be possible for us to change what is happening with food costs, the debt crisis or other larger economic issues.

How much of a hit to a persona€™s pocketbook depends on how high food costs are expected to rise.
What is possible is how you can protect your business from the potential cost of employee theft.

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