The most effective strategy for building or toning muscles and burning fat simultaneously is resistance or weight training. This doesn’t necessarily mean lifting heavy weights – conditioning exercises using light or moderate weights tone muscle and prevents the loss of lean body tissue during weight loss. You won’t necessarily burn more calories lifting weights than doing aerobic exercise, but the increased muscle mass you develop as a result will make your body burn more calories every day. Recognized for his expertise, dedication and ethics as well as for his personal charisma, Fares continues to positively change lives with his specialized understanding of fitness and nutrition and how they apply to overall health and well-being.
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The best time to consume is evening because your body becomes week at that time and you need a metabolism-boost.
LATEST STUDY: This Green Herb Could Be The Cure To Five Different Types Of Cancer Including Ovarian, Liver, Lung, And Melanoma ! Muscle cells are up to eight times more metabolically active than fat cells, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn during daily activities. For every 0.5 kg of muscle gained through exercise, your metabolic rate increases by 30–40 calories a day. Fares is a certified personal trainer who holds multiple specialty certifications including Sports Medicine Specialist, Technical Aspect of Weight Training, Lifestyle Fitness Coaching and Certified Sports Nutritionist.

When you are hungry and you want something before dinner, you can consume this drink instead of going for junk food and artificial drinks.
That’s equivalent to an extra 1,200 calories a month or a further 0.5 kg fat loss over 3 months.

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