1,889 views September 16, 2013 By Jennifer 45 Comments Who would have thought this post would be so hard.
Now, I know I made a promise about sharing my numbers when I hit my halfway goal but it was a lot harder to share this post than I thought it would be. I thought about just skipping this post and seeing if anyone noticed but this is a good thing. While of course I’m 30 pounds lighter I am 30x more critical of myself and 30x more aware of every bulge on my body.
If you need a little motivation like the rest of us make sure to join my private facebook group called Motivational Mama’s! You look amazing Jennifer, you look so confidant and and beautiful and it shows you are determined to attain your goals, great job. I’ve loved watching your hard work pay off and keeping up with you as you get the boys involved in your journey to health.

Wow I need to focus on my diet to I have been a diabetic for 21 years the older I get the harder it is for me to control it and keep the weight off. Jennifer Hudson, age 29, lost 80 pounds by following Weight Watchers, going from a US size 16 to a size 6.
Joel & Julia lost 100 pounds collectively by following Weight Watchers and doing Bikram Yoga.
I didn’t know you had a secret facebook page for weightloss i will definetly join, I have lost over 20 lbssince june.
I am due in 2 weeks with my second baby and this gives me inspiration that I can lose the weight as well. Since giving birth to my 2 girls have been stuck at 186, Have never been this heavy in my life was always between 140 to 157. I appreciate you putting it all out there like that – very inspiring to see what a 30 pound difference can make!!

On Mom Spotted you'll find a fun selection of recipes, family fun, product reviews, and more! I have lost 25 so far and I have so much more to loose (at least 100 more lbs) and it has been harder than I knew it would be.
Even though I may weigh less then most women, I still have that extra baby weight I want off. Completely changed my eating habits, watching my portions sizes and working out to Zumba, p90x, walking and running!!!!
I know that when I got serious about losing weight I felt most connected to the people who put it all out there.

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