By AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE, YANGON, June 26- Myanmar and Thailand incinerated some $400 million worth of narcotics Thursday to mark World Drugs Day, but the UN warned opium production was on the rise in the region.
The bulk of the destroyed narcotics were seized in Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State, a province bordering Thailand, which has long been a hotbed of drug production, the proceeds of which may have fuelled conflict between ethnic rebels and Myanmar’s army.
Shan State accounts for an estimated 98 percent of Myanmar’s illegal poppy cultivation. According to a new UNODC report, nearly 60,000 hectares of land in Myanmar were being used for opium poppy cultivation.
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WVSPThis is one of 5 new incinerators State Police will use to help dispose of unused prescription drugs in West Virginia. WVSPPutnam County and several other counties have a drop-box where they collected unused drugs all year long. Goodwin said 2-and-a-half tons of unused pills were collected last Saturday in West Virginia as part of the ninth National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. The award-winning native of Pratt, W.Va, took over as head of the news division of MetroNews in August 2000.
Flushing drugs down the toilet is harmful to the environment, but, somehow, burning drugs and exposing those fumes to the folks in the vicinity and the environment is not?? But, you can bet if there is a dog & pony show in the Charleston-Huntington Areas, don't get between Booth Goodwin and the TV cameras! Yes, it would be better to flush them down the toilet and let the drugs wind up in the water supply.
Over the years I had consultations with this little freedom-loving nit and at one point even hired him as my Power of Attorney to respond to all the IRS nuisancing to which I was subject due to my choice not to continue to be a part of the Federal Mafia’s criminal activities. Now a very personal decision between a husband and wife found itself discussed by congressmen and the Federal Government, all the while the media pimps prostituted the story like a crack whore.
I remember Bratt arguing with a patriotic fervor that sounded like his phone would soon succumb to water damage from the exorbitant amount of spittle projecting from his mouth (not covered under warranty, by the way).

What all of these anti-liberty stances by liberty-spouting individuals all have in common is that they have nothing to do with liberty and everything to do with emotional arguments based on an interpretation of Christianity, to the point where 1984 doublespeak is used to claim that the government taking away the freedom to choose one’s personal destiny is somehow not government intrusion into our personal lives.
A personal training client of mine once said to me, “You seem to explore so many different cultures and religions other than your own. The class discussed the Kabbalah, as well as Maimonides, an ancient Jewish doctor who sounded more like my natural medicine teachers than some Hasid selling me a camera at B&H Photo. During one of the series of six weekly classes, the teacher discussed how in Judaism they believed the soul entered the body when the gestating baby was about 10 weeks old. He said that while, yes, this belief of Judaism would make it that abortion would want to be avoided after 10-weeks, on the specific issue of abortion Jews tended to vote Pro-Choice.
How ironic that the very people accused by many of being the most responsible for the world’s problems and offenses to freedom, fag Jews, seem to be the most libertarian of the bunch. Tehran, June 26 : More than 100 tonnes of illicit drugs will be burnt in Iran Wednesday on the occasion of the UN International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the Fars news agency reported. A number of Iranian high-ranking officials, foreign guests, ambassadors and foreign media will be invited to participate in the burning ceremony, Xinhua quoted the foreign media bureau of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance as saying in a statement. Iran is located at the crossroads of the international drug smuggling route from Afghanistan, the world’s top opium producer, to Europe.
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Additionally, this information is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship simply by its viewing. Goodwin said there’s going to be a need weekly to burn up unused drugs because more and more counties are going to drop-boxes that are available almost all the time. As much as I would like to have intercoursal relations with Lindsey Lohan, I wouldn’t touch her vagina with my 10-foot pole after Fox Television deposited its toxic sludge there. This lasted until I got to the section where he made the argument that not allowing the government a regulatory role in a woman’s right to choose to either continue or terminate a pregnancy is somehow an affront to liberty. But along the way, various incidents showed their faces and soon I felt like I was in a room with a pedophile uncle who was trying to convince me it would be Funtime at the circus to feed his elephant trunk peanuts because he had put clown make-up on his penis. It is the same as if, as a vegetarian, the government created a new law that banned eating meat and I didn’t open my freedom-loving mouth because I am an animal rights pussy and to hell with the liberties of others!

Maimonides recommended a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds–the exact prescription that Dr.
He said that while personally they may not choose to have an abortion after this time period, that they wanted to avoid the potential of government control and abuse of personal liberties of the individual. Sibutramine, a substance approved for the treatment of obesity, has been removed from the market since 2010 for safety reasons. The creation of an attorney-client relationship requires more than viewing this or affiliated websites. Michael Baylous and Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese were on hand to help destroy drugs collected in Putnam County. I wasn’t exactly sure of the tie-in but I have read enough conspiracy theory to know that if there is anything bad–the Jews are responsible!
While his book was what started me off on my headfirst dive down the rabbit hole of truth and deception, despite my initial assessment that he knew his shit, on the phone he was an annoying, whiney, little bitch. It seems, at this stage, Jews were against abortion but not the right to have one, if that is how you chose to proceed. Neither the transmission nor receipt of this website material will create an attorney-client relationship between sender and receiver. The only tasteful thing to result from this media fiasco was when Katz’s Deli created a new Schiavo Salad loaded with vegetables. Unlike the hypocrites, they would vote in opposition to their personal beliefs in order that liberty would be protected, even if the potential for a baby wasn’t. The material contained herein is general in nature and may or may not be applicable to a viewer's individual legal needs.

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