But even the most mild-mannered of person can be transformed into a screaming wreck after a few days of the ensuing hunger.
Jonny Rees, a personal trainer at Ultimate Performance Fitness, London, explains carb cycling involves eating carbohydrates on days where the person exercise, and fewer on days where they rest.
Too many carbohydrates can lead to fat being stored around the middle – increasing the chance of obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorder.
Therefore, doing a mixture of both allows the body to remain lean without losing muscle mass.

Working out how many carbohydrates people should eat depends on their weight and exercise levels, Mr Rees said. This is the equivalent of one baked potatoes, three or four new potatoes, a palmful of precooked rice, an apple and a banana, or a normal bowl of porridge. In his gym, people are usually put on a very low carb diet for 10 days to 2 weeks, and then he introduces carb cycling – an eating plan he says people can sustain long-term. The programme is as effective for women as men, although the results may be more obvious in men who naturally have more muscle mass, he said.

He said that for the best results, people need to be doing intense exercise such as weight lifting or resistance training such as press up, sprints or intervals on the rower. If you have your car and you have you’re going on a long drive from London to Scotland, you’d want a full tank of fuel.

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