The Basics? This routine can be done on its own or at the end of another workout where larger muscle groups (upper or lower body) are being worked. You don’t need to spend forever training your calves—15 minutes or so three to five days a week should suffice, provided you’re lifting with focus and a purpose during that time.
The following routine takes you through four different calf exercises with a combination of moderate rep ranges (10–20) and high-rep sets (30 plus).
Perform the first set with your toes pointed straight ahead, the second set with your toes pointed outward, and the third set with your toes pointed inward. Using a relatively light weight, complete 50 total reps (making sure to achieve full range of motion on each) in as few sets as possible.
You’re going to go into a plie stance, which is like a wide squat but with your toes pointing out. On your way back up you’re going to do a row (basically pull your elbows up so your fists are even with your chest). You will feel all of your muscles working – I’m talking glutes, abs, arms, everything! Mostly, we'll talk about making money, getting fit, and eating delicious desserts to balance it all out! Makeup, by Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, featured dewy skin and matte eyes (shades of gray, brown, beige) and lips (in wine tones). Once you’re squatted in position, jump up and land back into the deep squatting position that you started in. Amy Morton, CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and owner of Amy's Personal Training, suggests that “when you land, make sure you immediately [go] down into a deep squat. First, find a place that can support your weight, such as a chair or even the edge of a bathtub.
After you find a good support, place your hands on the edge and let your body weight fall into your arms while keeping them locked. Lower yourself towards the floor until you create a 90-degree angle at your elbow, then push back up.
Begin by lying on the floor on your back and placing your hands by your side, keeping your legs straight out in front of you. Now, keeping your hands straight out by your side, lift both legs off of the ground (without bending your knees) to at least a 90-degree angle. Then, lower your legs as close to the floor as possible without actually touching it, hold for a moment and lift back up. Keeping one knee on the ground, raise the other behind you so that your foot is parallel to the ceiling.
Lift your legs and bend your knees so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and your calves are parallel to the floor.
Press into your heels and lift your body off of the ground, trying to keep it in one diagonal line. You can do these simple strength-building exercises anywhere, so not wanting to go to the gym is no longer an excuse—sorry (but really, you’re welcome)! Irene, a senior at Boston University, visited two different career centers: her school’s general career center and one specific to her major. If your school only has one career center, make an appointment with one associate, and then ask if he or she can recommend anyone who specializes in your specific career field.
Once your resume is perfected, ask a career center associate if the center has professional resume paper you can print it on.
Whether you have no clue what you want to do with your life or you already have your dream job planned out, your career center is a great resource for locating a job or internship. Katherine, a junior at the University of Rochester, went to her career center for help finding an internship.
Your career center has worked with a ton of students in the past; the career centers employees often know people you can talk to who have gone through exactly what you’re doing and are willing to help.
According to Rachel Tannenbaum, associate director of student programming at Barnard College Career Development, many students don’t realize the kind of resources their school provides for them. Ask a career development associate if he or she can put you in touch with an alum in your field. Alumni are a great resource because they’ve been in your exact position and have worked their way up from it. It may seem scary or embarrassing, but your career counselors are there to help you; they know what kinds of questions you may be asked and can help you work out the best possible responses.
Visit your career center’s website to see if you can find some preliminary information about what types of grants are available and to which students.

Even if you’ve never heard about one, visit your career center to see if they offer a grant program like this. Most guys’ calves are very stubborn, and if you half-ass your lower leg workouts—doing a few uninspired sets of calf raises right before you leave the gym a couple of days a week—chances are those stubborn muscles won’t budge. As the muscles become more conditioned, bump it up to four or five days a week, training calves on consecutive days if you like. Calves respond well to high reps, but you also need to load them up with weight to spark growth. Sun's collection, his first runway show after years of presentations, featured a variety of leathers, metallics, and Blackglama furs--while he has begun to make a name for himself for his work in fur, it should be known that his non-fur pieces are also incredibly innovative and enticing. These squats will not only work your glutes, legs and abs, but they’ll help to build muscle in your entire body. Tricep dips can help tone and strengthen your triceps, which are the muscles at the back of your upper arms. Extend your feet so they are straight in front of you with your heels on the floor and toes facing up.
Morton says to “make sure you take your leg up as high as you can and then all the way back down and don’t go too fast. Try working to keep a steady rhythm and not letting your leg rest back on the floor between reps. This crunch essentially works all of the abdominal muscles, but largely the rectus abdominis, which is the muscle that gives you the six-pack look.
This exercise is so simple, it won’t even seem like a workout, but your calves will definitely thank you for doing this one.
Mix some cardio with these exercises and you’re bound to be Victoria’s-Secret-Model status by spring break! Mix some cardio with these exercises and you’re bound to be Victoria’s-Secret-Model status by spring break! Or maybe you’re a senior approaching graduation way faster than you’d like and you’re starting to panic about finding a job.
Often, your resume is the first thing an employer will see when you apply for a job, so it needs to get across all the most important information about you and your experience in the most concise, easy-to-read manner possible. Some career center associates work more with certain industries than others, and they know their way around those specific job markets. It has to convince an employer that they should call you in for an interview and hire you, so one poorly-worded phrase can make a huge difference. Resume paper can be expensive, and while it’s not mandatory, it can make your resume stand out. Make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss what you might be interested in doing or to figure out which internships or jobs you should apply for. She says most schools even have their own job or internship posting sites for their students.
The alum may be able to help you land a job or internship, or at least tell you how he or she made it in the industry and provide some advice.
They know what you’re going through and are usually happy to help students of their alma mater. You never know if you’ll connect with the interviewer, or if they’ll stick to traditional interview questions or go for ones that are a little more out there. Make an appointment at your career center to discuss the application process and requirements; these processes can be tricky to navigate, so it can be extremely helpful to discuss them in person.
Being an unpaid intern can be hard on your budget, so a grant can make a world of difference! While we collegiettes love to Instagram and tweet all day long, the idea of a professional social network can be a little daunting.
If you’re having a hard time figuring out what kind of job you want, what you should major in or anything else career-related, a career counselor can walk you through your difficulties and help you make the decisions that will benefit you most.
Your school’s career development office is full of people whose job is to help you get a job. To get this body part to respond, you need to train calves frequently (at least three days a week), and you need to feel the burn when you’re training them. I’ll definitely give this a try, sounds like something I could fit in, even when I don’t have time to do a whole workout! One of the pieces that stood out was actually two dresses in one--a black silk gazar draped dress with a spaghetti strap entwined with a tweed overlay dress that had a sleeve.
I have been visually challenged, I have opinions, and I have new thoughts on what fashion can be.

Since we understand that sometimes you don’t want to leave your dorm room or embarrass yourself in the gym while trying to figure out how to set up the machine, we’ve compiled a list of strength-building exercises that require nothing but your own body to do. Since we understand that sometimes you don’t want to leave your dorm room or embarrass yourself in the gym while trying to figure out how to set up the machine, we’ve compiled a list of strength-building exercises that require nothing but your own body to do. No matter what step you’re on in terms of your career, you should make a trip to your school’s career center this semester.
If an employer has hundreds of resumes to go through, yours may not get more than a two-second glance, so it’s important to catch his or her eye. She then took her adjusted resume to the general career center, where the advisers provided her with guidance on formatting it professionally. Even just having a professional proofread it for typos could make the difference between you getting hired and not. If your resume is the one thick, sturdy sheet of paper in a pile of hundreds of flimsy ones, it’s more likely to get noticed by an employer. Your career center wants to help you connect with alumni, and often has structured programs to facilitate these connections. Make an appointment at your career center to see how they can help you build these alumni connections, and check out our article about networking with alumni!
It can be difficult to prepare for an interview, but your career center can assist you with this. With an internship grant, you can apply to receive a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars depending on your school and which semester you’re doing your internship. Check out your school’s website for information on how to contact professionals at your career center, or drop by the office and schedule an appointment with a counselor. A calf workout that doesn’t illicit pain from start to finish is probably not intense enough.
Just make sure you feel a stretch at the bottom of each rep; and at the top, get those heels up high so that you’re up on your tippy-toes. After going through it a few times, add variety by changing the order of exercises (doing standing calf raises before seated, for instance) or swapping rep counts between the different moves.
So when it comes to running on the treadmill (sounds like a herd of horses running), it just doesn’t happen for me. I used a 6 pound medicine ball to start off with, and am working my way up to a 10 pound dumbbell.
I also loved--perhaps "loved" is an understatement because when I saw it I audibly gasped and had to actively avoid shouting "YAAAAS!"--this deconstructed chunky sweater with a scandalous-fabulous open back, worn with grey gabardine trousers (I will admit, though, that I could have done without the mink pom-poms on the front). Whether it’s the freezing cold or the complexity of the machines that's been keeping you from the gym, now you can get a workout in the comfort of your room—no excuses!
We know it can be rough to face the reality of job- or internship-hunting, but professionals at your career center can help you out in more ways than you realized.
Many career centers allow students to print on resume paper for free; see if your school’s career center is one of them!
Your career center can show you awesome websites like these, so head in and see what you’ve been missing!
Make an appointment with a career counselor to find out the best way to take advantage of this awesome networking tool. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that he tried to reach the en pointe position of a ballerina on each and every rep of calf raises. The key is to throw anything and everything you can at your calves to get this stubborn muscle group to cave in and grow. After you put the dish away, slowly lower your heels down until you’re standing flat on the floor again. There was also a delightful asymmetrical gray floral jacquard dress with crystal underlay paired with a grey chunky knit coat, a high-meets-low culture combination perfectly blended for both comfort and style (which is totally my jam). We’ve come up with a few reasons collegiettes should make a visit to their college’s career center ASAP. It’s a painful position, being up that high on your toes, but that’s what you should be trying to achieve.
In addition, I enjoyed the way Sun used Ndbele tribe inspiration to make exciting leather pieces like pencil skirts and sleeves for dresses.

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