Flax has forever been considered a health food, and is known for its many benefits to the human  body. There are just so many different food options out there that will help your hair grow faster that you don’t need to sacrifice choice for style. Eye health depends not only on the correct lighting distance or book screen, but also from our diet. The change of curvature of the lens according to the distance to the object visible to the conservation focus. Vitamins C and E – are antioxidants contained exclusively in fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and sprouts.
Plant products, especially those that are described in this article, provide the necessary nutrients eyes.
Conjunctivitis can be caused by different causes, such as infections caused by bacteria or damaged by smoke.
A diet with a lack of vitamins A and B leads to dryness of the conjunctiva, provokes and aggravates conjunctivitis. The most effective to prevent macular degeneration matter – it carotenoids, particularly lutein and zeaxanthin contained in spinach and cabbage. Deficiency of antioxidants due to a lack in the diet of fruits, vegetables, oily nuts and seeds can cause damage to the retina and cause a decrease in visual acuity. While angle-closure glaucoma, the most common form of the disease occurs because of anatomical deformation of the eye, the type of diet can also affect the intraocular pressure, improve or worsen during glaucoma. But diabetes, taking certain medications and exposure to ultraviolet and X-rays contribute to the formation of cataracts.

Night blindness – a sharp deterioration of vision in low light or complete inability to see in the dark. European specialists point out the importance of fruits and vegetables in one's diet as a great source of antioxidants that help to protect your body from developing cancer. A lot of fascinating things are taking place every day around the globe and we welcome you to this world. It gives us the energy that our bodies need to do all the complicated processes that keep us moving and growing.
This gives you tons of options and allows a varied diet, because there’s lots of different foods that contain both vitamins.
They prevent dandruff and dry scalp to ensure your hair grows properly when you’re trying to increase its growth speed.
You can still enjoy the variety of life and do something to improve the way you look at the same time.
It is estimated that in the waking state about a million nerve cells forming the retina, in the second send information to the brain in a volume equivalent to 100 megabytes.
Yellow spot has a width of only two millimeters and is the most sensitive area of ??the retina, from which most strongly dependent on the visual acuity.
But the most common cause – dysfunction of the retina, which can be a cause of diabetes and arteriosclerosis.
This leads to atrophy of the retina and optic nerve, which is fraught with serious consequences for the view. A few years ago it was thought that it is an inevitable consequence of aging, and prevent cataracts did not.

Excessive use of products containing pro-vitamin A and antioxidants – vitamins C and E, can prevent the formation of cataracts in adulthood. Consult your food guide to be sure that you are giving your body everything it needs and more, including your follicles, to help your hair grow faster.
These include fruits like mangoes, green leafy vegetables like iceberg lettuce, carrots, whole grain cereals and more!
Alfalfa juice, coriander and spinach will give your hair all the zinc and essential fatty acids it needs. Just read the ingredients on any of the labels of the food you buy to be sure that it contains the things that you need to give you that faster hair growth.
Although, sometimes we don’t give our bodies the right food or enough of the right food to keep our follicles in proper working order.
Don’t give it what it needs and it will become damaged and fall out, which is the opposite of what want.
A little bit of the right knowledge and the right mindfulness can improve your hair growth speed.

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