It seems like tons of people these days are semi-obsessed with how good (or bad) their metabolism is — and for good reason.
Some are simply born with a stellar metabolism — meaning even when they are doing nada, they are burning more calories than a less-fortunate someone else. As you age, your metabolism naturally slows down — after the age of 20, it can decline dramatically with each decade.
While you might not be able to get it back to what it once was, you can take it up a notch or two by, you guessed it, hitting the gym and building some lean muscle, which uses more energy than fat to just exist. There’s a reason why it’s a bodybuilder staple: Protein helps maintain and build muscle mass, a key component of a healthy metabolism. Bauer notes that coconut oil has been said to decrease the amount of fat being stored in fat cells, because the oil's molecules are very tiny and bypass the intestines, going straight to the liver where it will be metabolized as a carbohydrate, rather than fat.

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But that won’t necessarily always be the case — as you and your friends have probably discussed ad nauseum, your ability to down a slice of greasy pizza, skip the gym, and not gain a pound is fading faster than a Taylor Swift relationship.
Your biggest bang-for-your-fiber-buck: whole grains such as quinoa and wheat germ, fruits like berries, and veggies — especially carrots and leafy greens. Think: caffeine, hot peppers (which contain a unique compound called capsaicin), and some teas — green, white, and oolong. But, she also points out that studies around coconut oil and its effects on the metabolism are inconclusive, so take that info with a grain of salt, at least for now.

Research shows that these types of foods and molecules can uptick your calorie expenditure by four to five percent from just one serving. However, know that you want to be sure to monitor how much cinnamon you ingest daily as some studies show that it can turn toxic in large quantities — keep it in the one teaspoon or less per day range to be safe.

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