While many experts believe that frequent healthy snacking is the key to weight loss, there are some foods you should stay away from if you're trying to lose weight. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent.
If you're trying to lose a few pounds, no doubt you've made some adjustments to your regular eating habits. But, if you enjoy indulging every once in a while (or once a day, like us), you need to try these recipes.

If these caramels happen to fall into my mouth and no one is around to see it, does it still count as a calorie?
Because what kind of weekend warrior would you be if you didn't make coffee cake to go with your Saturday morning French press? Instantly get your own customized menu based on your pins with our new What's for Dinner, Pinner experience! When weight loss finally appears after days or weeks of diet and exercise, it can help to improve the dieter's morale.

Perhaps you're trying this celebrity's diet on for size, or maybe you've sworn to switch your soda addiction habit for green juices.

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