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Unsaturated fats are ones found in fish, seeds, nuts, vegetable oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil etc. The first rule to lower your cholesterol is to head to the kitchen and look around – are there foods in your cabinets that contain too much of the unhealthy fat? Another tip on how to reduce your cholesterol is to educate yourself on which foods contain cholesterol.
The third tip may sound jargonistic, but if you remember it well, it will do miracles for the reduction of cholesterol in your body.

The fifth tip on cholesterol reduction is not directly related to food, but rather with reduction of food intake followed by – exercise. There are foods such as eggs and kidneys that have cholesterol in them, but its amount will not have as much impact as the cholesterol you consume by eating saturated fats. Namely, omega-3 fatty acids are contained mainly in fish such as lake trout, sardines, tuna fish, herring, salmon etc. Working out is one of the safest, healthiest ways to keep your body fit as well as to reduce weight; and by reducing weight you simultaneously reduce cholesterol. Choose whole wheat bread instead of white and eat as greater a variety of fruits and vegetables as possible.
Your kitchen should always be stocked with canned beans, but make sure you rinse them before use.
Choose activities such as biking, swimming, and hiking or just take the stairs instead of the elevator.

For example, instead of meat, choose soy, soymilk and other soy products – replace unhealthy fats with healthy and see the difference. Different types of nuts such as walnuts, ground flaxseeds and almonds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and regular consumption helps greatly. It is easier said than done, but when it comes to one’s health, long-term results are much more important than momentary pleasure.

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