When I’m out and about, and people discover I help women lose weight through hypnotherapy, it’s one of the first questions they ask.
Frequently, the asker is hoping for a list of instructions of the Stay Away From Sugar or Never Let Bread Pass Your Lips variety. Ultimately, I believe What Not To Eat Lists are unhelpful, at best, and at worst, they actually set you up for weight loss failure.
As soon as you declare certain foods “out of bounds”, you immediately start obsessing about the exact thing you said you were going to avoid. You didn’t even fancy bacon, but now that you’ve decided it’s the enemy, all you want is bacon.
One recent client was scandalised at the idea of having no forbidden food list and still being able to lose weight. Sure, for the first meal after learning that nothing was off the menu, she had her ice cream. It’s simply a matter of tuning into what our body is telling us, and not what someone else says we should do (yes, I get the irony that I’m telling you what to do!). Permanent, long term weight loss comes when you learn to listen to your own beautiful body. So, rather than accepting someone else’s Forbidden Foods List, failing to stick to it, and then beating yourself up, I’d encourage you to listen to your tummy. PS: If you struggle with food cravings and you’ve had enough of everyone else’s food rules and want to learn to listen to your own tummy, maybe you’re ready for hypnotherapy. What if I told you – with 100% certainty – that there’s something going on in that gorgeous head of yours which has the capacity to completely scupper your goal? If you are trying to lose weight then it is best to avoid certain types of food and exercise. Sugary CerealsRegularly eating a healthy breakfast may help in your weight loss efforts by reducing your hunger later in the day. Potato Chips and French FriesPotato chips and french fries are markers for junk food diets and if you love munching on them, you can forget about weight loss.These fried forms of potatoes are high in calories and fat, making them the worst choice for your weight loss diet. There are simply some foods which are healthier, more nourishing and more alive than others. You see, she adored cookies and cream ice cream, and believed that if she was allowed to eat it, she would eat that to the exclusion of everything else.

Clients find when nothing is off the menu, instead of diving into all the previously forbidden sugary, salty or fatty treats, they find themselves seeking out fresher, direct-from-the-garden, healthier, lower processed foods.
Why not drop me a line, and together let’s get you back in control of food and living in a body you love. These foods that you should avoid contain high quantities of ingredients or components that stimulate weight gain.
This is because they are made with ice cream and other ingredients that are extremely high in calories and fat. If you want to eat bread, you should consider whole grain bread as a healthier alternative. So these are the main products that you must not consume in order to lose some pounds and stay healthy:1. Plus, fried potatoes cause a rapid increase in blood sugar and insulin levels, causing a negative impact on appetite and weight.Plus, when carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes are fried at high temperatures, they produce acrylamide.
Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. This does not mean that you can consume as much as you like; however, cooking in olive oil is slightly preferable to using regular cooking oil, which contains more calories. Moreover, the refined carbohydrates are among the most fattening ingredients in existence.To make things worse, starting your day with sugary cereals will cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to spike.
Many studies have shown that consuming these additives highly increases the risk of numerous problems with the health. If you like microwave food, there are alternatives that you choose the products with no sauce or additives, like vegetables and fruits.2. Wheat breadAll bread is made from wheat, and in most wheat breads the main ingredient is flour, which is an enemy of weight loss.
To find a real “healthy” bread, you must look for the bread that contains the whole grains. BaconProcessed meat, such as bacon, is something you should avoid completely or eat strictlyin moderation if you wish to lose weight.Bacon is rich in saturated fat as well as sodium, nitrate and nitrite content. Refined white flour has no nutritional value, compared to whole grain flour, but contains a lots of sugar and processed ingredients, so because of sugar and additives avoid it in order to lose weight.3. Ketchup can sit for weeks bottled on tables without refrigeration because manufacturers pack ketchup full of sugar, that preserves to be spoiled.

You can also use herbs to turn a salad into a great meal.Also, don’t order a salad at a restaurant. If you love ketchup, and know that is bad, what will help you to decide is the fact that it contains the half amount of additives and other half is sugar. Many of them are loaded with salad dressings as well as candied nuts and raisins, which can be a major cause of weight gain. MargarineMargarine contains a lot of trans fats which increase bad cholesterol, that not only cause that people gain weight but, but can create many problems with health.
Because of trans fats people are very much worried for their health, so the manufactures developed trans fat-free margarines, but they had to replace this emulsifying ingredient with a long list of other dangerous ingredients. Its complex carbohydrates give you energy and stamina and its high fiber content fills you up. Butter is a more natural product than margarine so if you must choose, chose butter defiantly.5.
Plus, it has a rich antioxidant content.But, the commercial oil-popped popcorn you enjoy at the movie theater is not at all a healthy choice, especially when you are striving to lose weight. Granola barsMost granolas, which the bars are based on contain too much sugar, and are in lack of fiber so it doesn’t help in losing pounds.
It is laden with calories, fat and sodium.Enjoy homemade air-popped popcorn and flavored with a variety of herbs. Also, they are usually topped with unhealthy additives like processed fruits and salted nuts.
There is an alternative, switch to a piece of fruit like a banana, handful of nuts or grain crackers.
Fortunately, losing weight can reduce your risk of developing some of these problems.Regular exercise and a healthy diet can go a long way toward reaching your weight loss target.

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