Check out the ten foods listed in this infographic that help in burning fat and getting into the shape that you aim for. Salmon is the healthiest meat for you.
Green tea is gaining huge popularity for its health benefits and is also a good fat burning beverage.
You should know how these foods work and how your body’s metabolism works so that you can obtain maximum benefits. Find out how you can rev up your productivity with coffee!What exactly about coffee makes us more productive?
To better answer that question, we have to understand how the caffeine in coffee affects the body.How Caffeine WorksEvery waking moment, neurons in the brain are firing away.
As they work, they produce something called adenosine a€“ a chemical compound in the brain called a purine nucleoside.There are several different adenosine receptors in the body, but there is one in particular that caffeine seems to have the most affinity with, ita€™s called the A1 receptor. When we consume caffeine from a standard cup of coffee, it heads to the A1 receptor and impersonates it. Because caffeine is so similar to adenosine, the body accepts it as its own and then binds with these receptors. The caffeine comes in as an adenosine receptor imposter and starts producing its own stimulants.
The bad news is that if drawn out, the body has a weakened ability to produce its very own. Others drink coffee to carry them through an energy slump or to stay on task while at work. While coffee is delicious, ita€™s no secret that people drink it for the caffeine; it does a great job and does it very well. So as long as you are aware of your purpose for coffee consumption, there are many well-documented benefits of the magic bean.

Coffee Improves Physical EnduranceIta€™s common for athletes to consume coffee for a competitive edge.
Caffeine from coffee actually has ergogenic benefits, meaning it enhances physical performance.
This is great news for anyone in manual labor and sports but also for anyone doing daily housework and basic exercise. Coffee Protects Our BrainsThe oils in coffee a€“ kahweol and cafestol a€“ are unique potent neurological anti-inflammatory agents that actually protect the brain against oxidative stress and DNA damage. Regular consumption of coffee can keep our brains safe from the many stressors and therefore, healthy for the long run.
Be sure to use a French press, gold filter or good espresso machine to preserve these precious oils, though!
Coffee Increases EnergyStudies show that caffeine increases energy availability in the body. Coffee Increases EnduranceStudies demonstrate that caffeine can extend the time it takes to reach physical exhaustion a€“ decreasing our sense of effort during any sort of activity, even prolonged breathing. The studies concluded that caffeine is capable of doing this by enhancing muscle endurance, while simultaneously reducing our sense of effort commonly accompanying muscle contraction. Coffee Rituals Increases CreativityWe know that coffee improves our ability to focus, but does this interfere with our creative thinking ability?
Coffee can be social and if youa€™re brewing your own, it can be a creative act in and of itself! Getting together with friends and co-workers over a cup of coffee can break through social barriers, leading to more free flowing conversations. A recent study shows that ambient noise and low-level sound prompts abstract thought processes.

So be sure to take your coffee to the local shop or sip on your front porch — or even better, over a campfire sometime!
Well therea€™s good news, a study from PLOS One reports that intake of 200 mg of caffeine a€“ 2 cups of coffee worth a€“ prompts the brain to identify words and phrases more quickly. The study also found that coffee consumption leads to improved short-term memory and an increased ability to solve reason-based problems. Whether youa€™re learning new technology, attempting a new hobby or simply going over paperwork, coffee can make you more productive.
Coffee Blended with Butter Helps You Burn FatWhen you blend a quality fat like grass-fed butter or coconut oil a€“ as you see in Bulletproof coffee a€“ it breaks up what are called micelles, which helps the body to use fat for energy.
Consuming sugar as a primary source of energy can produce energy highs and lows.Metaphorically speaking, if your metabolism were a fire, consuming sugar is like throwing wads of paper on the fire, where fat is like a bright, slow burning log that goes all day.Ever tried to accomplish something while hangry?
How this works comes down to our gut bacteria a€“ when you drink coffee with fat, you temporarily suppress all gut bacteria.
By temporarily starving them, they produce something called fasting-induced adipose factor or FIAF. A ketogenic diet, involving a low-sugar, higher-fat diet rich in MCTs, has been shown to improve cognitive function.
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