Of course, to maintain your fat loss, you must incorporate this routine into your lifestyle. As you burn fat and increase muscle mass, it will be easier to maintain a lower body-fat percentage due to an increased metabolic rate, because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. To maximize your body-fat burn, incorporate 20 minutes of cardio into your daily routine five days a week and add weight training to your routine three days a week.
The key to successful fat burning is to establish a routine of exercise and healthy eating, and to follow this routine for a period of time long enough to see results.

Cardio exercises include aerobic classes, brisk walking, bike riding, swimming, running or even dancing.
Lifting weights causes your body to break down muscle tissue, which in turn is repaired after you finish your workout. During this repair, your metabolic rate will remain elevated for hours following your weight session, so your body is still burning calories even after you are finished with your work out. Instead of just walking, try alternating walking for 10 minutes and sprinting for two minutes.

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