After a while, though, I realized that I would not be able to keep them outdoors in Apple Valley beyond the summer because the nighttime fall and winter temperatures out there simply get too cold. I decided to transplant my miracle fruit yet again, this time into self-watering two-bucket planters. This entry was posted in Fruiting Plants and tagged Miracle Fruit, rare fruit on September 3, 2014 by Antonius. I was fascinated and bought 30 berries (the minimum) at $3 a pop from Miracle Fruit Man in Florida.
At home, my boyfriend and I split one berry and each sucked on our half for a minute or two.
So, the miracle fruit, at least in our experience, just reverses the sensation of sour (to sweet)–the sourer the taste, the sweeter it becomes. For the flavor-tripping party, I’ll have lemons, limes, maybe some grapefruit (although the chief taste with them is bitterness), and different types of vinegar. What Europeans think of each other - 867 comments10 things you probably didn't know about the Dutch and the Netherlands - 502 commentsWhat Americans think of Europeans - 183 commentsIs 'retarded' an offensive word?
Most people eat common fruit such as apples, oranges and bananas but have you ever tried any of the more exotic kind? Dragon Fruit or Pitaya is a spectacular night flowering cactus and the fruit is said to have numerous healing properties. The durian is widely referred to as the “king of fruits,” but try to open one and you’ll be more likely to call it the “booby trap of fruits.” Once you’ve cracked through its spiky shell, the durian’s strange smell might make you wave your white flag. The African horned melon is native to—you guessed it—Africa, though it is currently grown in some California orchards as well.
Closely related to the cherimoya and also known as “bull’s heart,” the custard apple has long been used for its medicinal properties. The so-called “miracle fruit” may look normal, but it has one very unusual property: it has the ability to make sour foods taste sweet.
The aptly (if somewhat cruelly) named ugly (or “ugli”) fruit is a tangelo of Jamaican origin. Miracle fruit is the red berry of the plant Synsepalum dulcificum from the Sapotacaea family. Transforming acidic substances into sweeteners could yield tremendous health gains for our sweetener-addicted society.
They are up against a large east facing window on the second floor that also features two south-facing windows.
With the two-bucket system, there will be a lot less water use and no leach through of water.
A fourth plant has been placed by the sliding glass door of the west-facing dining room downstairs. I got my berries less than 2 weeks later (not bad, considering the flood of orders that must have come in around that time).

Tasted like sauerkraut packed in light syrup; the only sourness was picked up by the nose and throat. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful fruit waiting to be eaten and here are 10 of the most strangest fruit from around the world. If you do decide to brave the spikes and the scent, you may be pleased to find that the fruit’s flesh is creamy and tastes of almonds. The sweet-tasting fruit is not the only useful part of this plant—the leaves can be used to make stains or dyes and the bark and the fruit can be used for healing purposes. If you chew one miracle berry before a meal, you’ll notice that vinegar begins to taste as sweet as apple cider, and lemons become candy-like. Its seeds are poisonous when crushed and its bark can induce paralysis when injected, so you may find the cherimoya to be more trouble than its unique flavor is worth.
Like tomatoes and some berries, the physalis has a tangy, refreshing flavor and may be used in salads or to make jams and jellies. The benefit of this being that you can buy a Large XL 600mg pack and essentially have 20 servings out of 10 tablets for only a few dollars extra than our 350mg pack, and all other brands!
Many of the elders in my own family suffer from type-two diabetes and I made a significant investment into miracle fruit (buying ten plants) with the hopes of growing a sugar-free sweetener for my family. In fact, several sources I have read recommend keeping them away from nighttime temperatures below 55F!
I transplanted them into 5 gallon buckets with a peat and perlite mix, gave them 1 gph emitters and set them under a large pine tree at my parent’s house in the high desert. This is around the time that I also started to notice some dieback and leaf tip burn on some of the plants. Because less water is used in this system, it becomes more convenient and affordable to use filtered or otherwise pre-treated water that is pH adjusted towards acidity.
Three more plants are outside of the apartment by a carport where they get full sun for about six hours a day.
You first suck on a miracle berry for about a minute; a natural ingredient in the miracle berry temporarily alters your taste buds to perceive sour as sweet.
It tasted like a sweet liquid (like simple syrup, or a thin boysenberry syrup) right on the tongue, but the moment it hit your throat – ACID. Also goats cheese or cottage cheese, they taste so creamy and rish and sweet like a filling in a cake.
Each rambutan also contains a single soft, crunchy seed, which is mildly poisonous when raw (but is supposedly a-okay when cooked).
The flesh has been described as tasting of banana, cucumber, and lemon; some people also eat the rind, which is rich in vitamin C and fiber. This seemingly drug-like effect has given rise to “flavor-tripping parties,” in which groups of people chew miracle fruit and then marvel at the sweet flavors of “sour” foods.
The effect lasts for up to an hour and a half or until hot foods or fluids denature the protein.

The tapwater I was using to irrigate them was simply too alkaline and was raising the pH of the planters mix. Taiwan possesses the perfect soil for our producer to grow all organic non-gm miracle fruit in Taiwan.
After transplanting them, I treated the plants to a gallon of distilled water spiked with a teaspoon of fulvic acid, a teaspoon of humic acid and a teaspoon of 10-5-14 plus micros nutrients.
I’m excited to see how these plants respond to these treatments, which of them will be most productive and how the outdoor plants handle our fairly mild Pomona winters.
The key is dripping it right on the tongue, where it doesn’t burn and where it tastes sweet and surprisingly mild. Our miracle berries are produced from the finest picked berries and turned into a high grade freeze dried powder using the newest and most expensive freeze dried technology and equipment. The first time I had a miracle fruit, I was tempted to drink an entire bottle of red wine vinegar.
We then use perfect and precise formulas to blend our High Grade quality freeze dried miracle fruit powder together with our all natural NON-GM binder which is potato starch.
This enables the miracle berry powder to bond and increases the unreliable shelf life from a very short period of time to over 1.5-2 years. Miracle Berry Tablets are the most convenient way to store synsepalum dulcificum which itself has only a shelf life of a few days at best in the refrigerator.
Miracle Fruit powder itself has a shelf life of only a few months but depending on how it's stored can be increased slightly.
Nonetheless it's shelf life is unreliable and therefore tablets make the perfect low cost alternative with a reliable best before date. We take into consideration taste, texture, shelf life, duration, quality, purity & over all miracle berry experience. Our berries are freshly hand picked after being grown under the perfect climate and soil in Taiwan. Taiwan has the perfect soil for growing the miracle fruit and from our experience, it is one of the best locations in the world to grow this tropical plant because of the properties of it's soil. As with most exotic plants, the soil is the key factor in growth, yield & maintaining the miracle fruit plants health. Our High Germination rate seeds are the perfect selection for people looking to grow their very own miracle berry plant and add them to their collection or simply to have as a companion in the kitchen to get creative.

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