Kim, American reality TV superstar was said to have been paid a whopping amount of $500,000 to make a guest appearance on a TV show in Nigeria during which she spent only 45 seconds. FacebookChris Kyle was the most wanted man in Iraq a few short years ago and carried a bounty on his head--only to die today at a Dallas shooting range. During his 10-year stint as a Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle was in every major battle of the Iraq war and was so effective at killing Iraqis that they called him "The Devil Of Ramadi" while placing an $80,000 bounty on his head.
Kyle spoke last year to Gary Buiso at the NY PostA about his bookA "American Sniper," and offered a few details about what life was like as his sniper skills grew. From that distance, Kyle had to factor in terrain, wind, elevation, vibration from the shot, and evenA the Coriolis effectA where the rotation of the earth affects where the bullet arrives. On that day each of these factors conspired together and Kyle hit the man before he attacked the convoy. Most recently, Kyle was the president ofA Craft International, a veteran operated company offering special operations training. Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis and originates from China, although it is now very popular across the world. Type II diabetes affects around 300 million people worldwide, but green tea can be used to fight the disease. A recent study found that women who regularly drink green tea have a 22% less chance of developing breast cancer. L-theanine, which can be found in green tea, helps to stimulate brain activity, allowing your brain to be the best it can be.
Matcha, a Powdered Green Tea, Ameliorates the Progression of Renal and Hepatic Damage in Type 2 Diabetic OLETF Rats (Journal of Medicinal Food. Due to its finely ground powdered form, when drinking matcha, you’re actually ingesting the leaves!
Been reading comments about Darey’s concert and to be honest I don’t see why he will pay so much money and fly Kim k down to naija just for a 45sec intro on his show,like seriously!

The news is still unfolding, but apparently Kyle was shot point blank and his neighbor suffered wounds that also proved fatal.
A Part of this process involved taking these veterans to the range where one of them snapped and killed Chris and his neighbor for reasons that remain unknown at this time.
Green tea now rivals coffee in popularity, with more and more people making the swap to green tea each day. For instance, green tea can help you to lose weight and lower your risks for cancer and type II diabetes. Many studies have found that drinking green tea can speed up your metabolism, and now most fat-burning supplements contain green tea. Switch to green tea for fresh breath—various studies have found that the catechins in green tea can slow down the growth of streptococcus mutans, the primary harmful bacteria in your mouth. The same catechins also kill bacteria and inhibit viruses like Influenza, making you healthier.
Studies have found that green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels, which helps to lower the overall risk of developing type II diabetes.
This is because the antioxidants in green tea help to counteract oxidative damage that can cause cancer, lowering the overall chances of developing cancer. This is because the catechins in green tea have protective effects on neurons, helping them to avoid disease. The L-theanine in green tea acts as a mood booster, increasing dopamine levels in both men and women.
According to scientists from Newcastle University, green tea helps to keep your brain active and healthy. It helps your brain to be more focused, making you alert and allowing you to concentrate for longer periods of time. Many think this boosts your antioxidant intake over drinking regular green tea extractions, where you steep the leaves then strain them from the beverage.

The official Zen Buddhist tea ceremony is a ritualistic method of tea preparation that involves a bamboo whisk (chasen), a bowl (chawan), a narrow hooked spoon (chashaku), precise movements, and fresh matcha green tea powder of course!
A scientist by training, she’s a keen analytical thinker, project manager, and our design eye. We come from varied backgrounds and have all converged in Boulder, Colorado, with a passion for high quality loose leaf tea. Prior to joining us, he was a writer at Ghanacelebrities and still writes for the site occasionally. If you combine drinking green tea with a healthy lifestyle, you may notice a reduction in your body fat. Place the strainer over the top of your cup and pour the boiled water through the strainer and into the cup. If you really want to slim down, drinking matcha in the traditional manner, simply whisked in hot water, or cold brewed in cold water is clearly the way to go. Jessica geeks out on spreadsheets, lives to travel, and is the proud parent of a baby girl. Lol no hard feelings but its about time we start appreciating our very own African talents then paying all these foreigners so much for 45seconds performances.
Lemon water type of water obtained by subtle blending of lemon extract powder, maplesyrup powder and cayenne pepper. Vegetable lactobacillus and fermented grain enzyme devised by Teazen facilitate the metabolic function and constipation.

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