Josh AxeStart HereShop for Health Products6 Metabolism Death Foods Affiliate Disclosure 0 Comments There is nothing worse than starting an exercise program to burn fat, making some good diet changes, but still not seeing the results you want to see. Fruit JuiceContrary to popular belief, fat isn’t the first thing that will make you fat — it’s consuming too much sugar.
Drinking fruit juice and consuming too much sugar will absolutely wreck your metabolism!Fruit juice including most apple, orange and grape juice is basically chemically laden sugar water!
I know it may seem like “whole grains” like wheat bread are healthy, but most are far from helping your metabolism.Three of the main compounds in grains hurt your metabolism include gluten, starch and phytic acid.
Canola OilUsing the wrong type of oil can keep you from losing that last 10 pounds and put a halt to any results you might see. If you use canola oil or other vegetable oils, it’s sure to slow down your fat loss efforts and cause you to store unwanted body fat.

Grass-fed butter supports your metabolism because it is high in CLA, and coconut oil supports fat loss because it’s high in MCFA’s. Peanuts are grown in the soil and stored moist in silos, which then cause them to grow a type of fungus called aflatoxins and can effect the health of your gut.Peanuts are one of the most common allergens today and have been linked to food sensitivities, leaky gut syndrome and a slow metabolism.
This aflatoxin in peanuts can actually compete with probiotics in your gut and thus damage digestive health.Also, peanuts are very high in omega-6 fatty acids, which can cause serious inflammation in the body. For these many reasons, peanut butter is a metabolism death food!What to do instead: If you want to start revving up your metabolism, then make a switch to almond butter.
Nutrition-rich almonds are high in an amino acid L-arginine, which increases HGH production in your body. This in turn causes your body to build lean muscle and sends your metabolism sky high!Just one tablespoon of almond butter with celery, in a smoothie or with some apples are great snacks to reignite your metabolism.5.

Artificial SweetenersOf all the metabolism death foods, artificial sweeteners including aspartame and sucralose are probably the most deceiving.Artificial sweeteners tell the lie that you can satisfy your sweet tooth, with no calories, no guilt and a thinner waist line. However, aspartame is actually linked to 92 adverse health effects.Aspartame and sucralose (Splenda) can stimulate your appetite and increase cravings for carbohydrates. The calorie “savings” from consuming foods sweetened with aspartame ends up not saving you anything due to the increase in appetite and, therefore, calorie consumption.The MESA study evaluated the effect of diet soda consumption on rates of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes in over 6,000 participants. Most Popular 10 Health Foods You Should Never Eat 10 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) Linked to Tumors, Allergies and Early Death Bone Broth Benefits for Digestion, Arthritis and Cellulite 4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease All About Resveratrol Get FREE ACCESS → To my FREE eBook, 30 Gluten-Free Recipes & Shopping Guide!

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