Usually dental bone grafts are done if there is bone missing in the jaw or there bone mass is low in height or width.
Bone grafting is a medical procedure wherein a part of the missing bone is replaced by another bone or material known as bone graft. Just like any other surgical procedure requiring anesthesia, there are certain risks involved even with bone grafts. In order to have a dental implant, you should have enough bone in the jaw to hold and support the implant.
When it comes to transplant and bone graft, basically the entire bone grafting procedure is considered a transplant as bone tissue from one region is taken and transplanted into another region with the aim of repairing and rebuilding the existing bone.

A bone graft procedure is used to ensure that new bone growth occurs so that the existing bone is either repaired or strengthened. A dental bone graft is deemed as a necessity when the jaw bone does not have sufficient bone to support and stabilize the dental implants. Through this surgical procedure, the graft not only replaces the missing portion of the bone, but also helps the regrowth of the bone. Usually a dental bone graft becomes a necessity when the jaw bone is weak, facing bone erosion or suffers from some other problems due to which a dental implant cannot be done. However, at times patients do not have sufficient bone, or they suffer from bone loss due to infection of the gums and surrounding areas.

Usually bone graft transplants are done to strengthen diseased and weak bones of jaw, hips, knees, spines and joints. The repair could be to replace the lost bone mass which can occur due to infection, fracture or cancerous tumor removal. Although during the procedure itself you will not feel any pain because of the anesthesia, after the procedure there will be pain once the effects of the anesthesia wear off.

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