Even though C may not be the new, trending supplement, its benefits are still pretty amazing! The benefits of vitamin C also extend to protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems and even eye disease. Specially formulated liquid for the growing bodies of children - kid-approved, no-fuss taste! Unlike tablet and chewable vitamins, liquid vitamins do not need to be broken down by the body before the active ingredients can be released and absorbed. Kindervital for Children is specially designed with a child's growing body and digestive system in mind. This unique and balanced formula contains the most important gland, tissue and bone-building vitamins and minerals for your growing child.
Calcium is especially important for your child's growing bones, and for developing strong teeth.
Magnesium assists calcium in building bone strength and ensuring the body properly utilises calcium.
Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant, which is important to protect your child from the daily battle with pollution and toxins. B Vitamins offer "brain food" to the rapidly developing brain of the inquisitive child, and promote proper nervous system function. The herbs used are mild digestives that assist the overall absorption of Kindervital and increase the appetite. Kindervital contains no additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colourings or fillers. Kindervital is specially formulated for children's growing bodies to absorb exactly what they need day in, day out.
Click the button below to add the Salus Kindervital Multivitamin For Children to your wish list. When you start using your Natural B 12 5000 you will quickly notice your energy levels increase. Boosts mood - Recent research found that supplementing with 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily is a simple way to lift your spirits. Repairs skin - Vitamin C is needed for collagen formation, a crucial element for healthy skin structure. Lowers blood pressure - The cardiovascular system can be strained if there is a lack of vitamin C.

Reduces the risk of bone loss - There needs to be a balance between our bone building cells, or osteoblasts, and bone breakdown cells, or osteoclasts, to maintain healthy bone density. Faced with the challenge of tight schedules, highly refined, nutrient-poor foods, erratic eating patterns and fussy appetites, many parents are choosing Kindervital for Children as the solution to their growing child's daily nutritional requirements.
Your child's digestive system is still developing, so they have even more difficulty breaking down tablets and chewable vitamins than an adult does (the average adult only breaks down between 20 per cent and 40 per cent of a tablet or chewable vitamin).
Kindervital has the maximum absorption rate of any children's vitamin supplement because it is a liquid. Kindervital contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E as well as the minerals calcium and magnesium, and is blended with herbal extracts and fruit juices. Kindervital can be served in many different ways: on its own, in juice, or blended with apple sauce, yoghurt, and fruit salads. It contains no fillers and no excessive ingredients to overwhelm their bodies, so there is no chance of over doing it.
Take with food and no more upset stomach like many of the other supplements out there, no artificial sweetener and no reactions on fructose, no citric acid that may corrode your teeth. As one of the main superstar antioxidants, it is important for supporting healthy adrenals and increasing our ability to handle stress. A deficiency in vitamin C can lead to the excessive formation of osteoclasts, causing too much bone breakdown. Since your body can neither make or store vitamin C, it is important to get plenty of it in your daily diet. Kindervital for Children is a unique, balanced formula that consists of all the essential vitamins and minerals required for the growth of your children.
A liquid vitamin is easier to swallow than tablets and chewables, offering a no-fuss solution to your child's daily vitamin routine.
This formula contains digestive herbs, so that the child's body can easily digest these vitamins and minerals as it would digest food.
It also contains none of the unnecessary ingredients that are used to bind tablets and chewables together, which can interfere with absorption. Supplementing with this antioxidant can help promote the natural bone cell balance and bone structure integrity. The best sources are fresh fruits and vegetables, however, due to depleted soils and processed meals, many of us end up falling short of our daily C quota. The vitamins and minerals in Kindervital are formulated to be just the right amount, so that there is no overload of vitamins, which are only wasted by the body.

This liquid multivitamin is all natural; many other multivitamins for children contain dyes, fillers and artificial flavourings.
It has a kid-approved, no-fuss taste so your children will like it all the years they're growing.For all these reasons, Kindervital has been recognised worldwide for it's innovative formula. Grow muscles faster and increase your metabolism naturally with pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid More effective than amino acid and nitric oxide boosting supplements. So if you have a wound that’s just not healing like it should, it’s time to add some vitamin C! Wellness Resources includes high quality vitamin C in our daily antioxidant formula, Daily Protector, and offers two 1,000 mg vitamin C supplements.
The digestive herbs, along with the right amount of vitamins, ensure maximum absorption for optimal health. So instead of waiting until you catch a cold to increase vitamin C intake, cut it off at the pass and see what a little extra C can do to boost your daily health! For use with the Formula One Diet Plan, Includes Allowable Foods List, Basic Diet Instructions Guide & Our Top Rated Customer Service.
The B-12 Vitamin 5000 mcg Timed Release Tablets are the solution you have been waiting for to experience real health change.
These are dietary supplement tablets which incorporate naturally occurring elements that are carefully combined for the sole benefit of improving your health. The bottle contains 60 tablets with a recommended use of 1 tablet daily taken at meal time.
The B-12 vitamin is essential for the creation of red blood cell and also helps to convert food into cellular energy and maintain a healthy nervous system. B12 helps to produce the fatty tissue around your nerves called myelin, which protects your nerves from damage. Works to help produce Serotonin - This is one of the chemicals produced in your brain that helps you stay positive.
Assurance of a high quality product that contains no yeast, artificial flavors, preservatives and colors but pure and high potency natural ingredients .

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