If you’re looking for a great way to get your body in shape with little effort in the comfort of your own home, then this White Vibrating Workout Platform is perfect for you. Enhanced Features, Innovative Workouts: Set, track, and monitor progress with the free Max Trainer app, available for iOS and Android phones. Get Motivated: Comes equipped with 11 pre-programmed workouts and 20 levels of computer-controlled resistance, plus new interval and performance training modes. Top-of-the-Line Design: Featuring an enhanced dual-mode LCD display, sculpted dipped handlebars, and stainless steel, performance-grade racing pedals to support even the most intense workouts. If you’re tired of the treadmill, step off that beaten belt and try a more stimulating endurance challenge — rowing workouts. Whether you’re ready to vary your gym routine or to row with more confidence during your next CrossFit WOD, we’ve got expert tips on how to maximize your rowing potential, plus three workouts that can torch up to 700 calories each, says Nunn. While most people think rowing requires mostly upper-body strength, it’s actually all about the legs, says Nunn.
Just like any piece of gym equipment, it’s best to get acquainted with how the rowing machine functions before you go full speed ahead into a workout.
To get your body warmed up and ready to row, Nunn suggests a 10-minute “Pick Drill.” To pick the stroke apart and wake up the muscles, you’ll begin with simple, partial movements and then work up to the full rowing motion. Start with your legs straight, body in an upright position, elbows bent so the handle is pulled fully into your chest. This portable vibration plate machine burns fat and tones and tightens skin - Because of increased metabolism. Three (3) fitness fanatics will receive a Bowflex Max Trainer® M7 Cardio Machine to crank their workout routine up a notch! The Bowflex Max Trainer® M7 combines the movements of an elliptical and stair stepper to create a one-of-a-kind cardio workout.
Equipped with enhanced Bluetooth® connectivity, it’s easier than ever to sync workout results with a mobile device and other popular apps. Under 23 National Team, US Rowing Masters 2013 Athlete of the Year and owner of Roworx, an indoor rowing training facility in Long Beach, CA. Like a golf swing, the legs and hips do most of the work for creating power during a rowing stroke.

Nunn recommends that beginners do three things when they sit down on a Concept 2 rowing machine. Located on the right side of the circular flywheel on a Concept 2 machine, the damper setting is a plastic lever that controls how much air is in the flywheel. The square display is a powerful tool that will give instantaneous feedback during your workout. Keeping your back and legs straight, extend your arms away from your body, reaching towards your feet, then bring them back to the original position. After you extend your arms and hinge forward from the hips, bend your knees slightly so your seat rolls halfway towards the flywheel, and your arms extend forward past your feet, grasping the handle. You may now bend your knees fully so your shins are perpendicular to the ground and your heels lift up slightly.
Improve your strength and explosive power in just 20 minutes (not including warm-up or cool down). Mix up your workout routine by adopting the Max Trainer® M7’s 14-minute interval workout that burns up to 2.5 times the calories of a traditional cardio machine!
The low-to-the-ground, long machine engages your legs, back, core and arms, delivering an intense full-body cardio experience. In fact, the movement is similar to an explosive power clean in weightlifting that uses your entire body. If your feet are placed too high, your legs will also be placed too high, meaning you won’t be taking full strokes. Setting the damper to 10 will feel like rowing a heavy boat and will require the most “work” per stroke, while setting it to zero will feel like rowing a sleek, light boat and will require less energy per stroke. But with so many possible metrics to use, it’s important for beginners to limit themselves to just the essentials. Then, keeping your spine neutral, reverse the motion by leaning back from the hips once your body is fully upright, as you pull your arms and the handle into your chest. Reverse the motion by pushing with your legs first, then leaning back and finally pulling your arms into your chest. You can check this by looking at watts or by changing your units to “time per 500 meters” on the display.

Similar to a weight lifting session, you’ll exert your muscles enough to produce lactate, which leaves you with that burns-so-good feeling.
You can increase muscle tone, strength, circulation and flexibility in just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week.
You begin driving with your legs, engage the muscles in your back and core, and then follow through with your arms, explains Nunn. Two numbers Nunn suggests focusing on are stroke rate (strokes per minute, located in the upper right of the screen) and watts (a measure of workout intensity).
Keep your stroke rate between 26 and 32 and always be in control of how fast your legs are moving. Be warned: Just because you’re rowing and resting for the same amount of time doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy!
Ultimately, an anaerobic rowing machine session will help you increase your power output and endurance because you’ll be forced to tap into the strength of your legs. Rowing won’t put as much stress on your knee and hip joints as running does, meaning that this type of training is ideal for people of all ages, sizes and walks of life. Adjust the foot stretcher where you rest your feet either up or down a few pegs if the fabric strap isn’t lying in the correct spot. Read the tips below, do the 10-minute Pick Drill above, then cue up your routine by choosing “Select Workout” from the main menu, then tapping “Custom List” on the rowing monitor, and picking your poison. While paying strict attention to your stroke rate, try to maintain or increase your meters rowed during each “on” minute.
Its quick and quiet so you can get a workout in while the kids are napping—ideal for any health-conscious dad!

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