The Executive Zone features an unrivalled network of companies and executives all listed in an easy to access state-of-the-art database: TalentBase®. Our searchers select all relevant top managers from our TalentBase® and also approach candidates from many other sources. Our executive search consultants are constantly in touch with all 83.199 top executives and expatriates located in our seven CEE countries. We write “unconditional” because we mean we are unconditional in realizing for you the best possible outcome.
Having all the skills for the job, having TalentBase®, having the biggest network of Executives is meaningless if not put into relentless action through hard work. Despite our massive actions without any limits on time and manpower allocated to our assignments The Executive Zone applies moderate rates.
These games and activities are designed to help children learn about firework safety and to reinforce the Firework Code.

There is a great deal of work involved between the time we accept an assignment and the time we are ready to present the shortlisted candidates. The Executive Zone offers a set of exclusive tools enabling you to get in touch with them.  With this new division from Lugera, The Executive Zone places your company at the center of an extensive network of top executives and expatriates in seven CEE countries. At The Executive Zone you are ensured that we apply the perfect mix of all possible search & selection tools and techniques.
We have a special set of tools in our TalentBase®.  We can send personalized messages to thousands of executives in “a split second”.
His adventures are aimed at parents and teachers alike and seek to enable children to learn about fire safety in a fun and engaging way. Containing pro-activity, innovation, skills, love, ambition, solution oriented, hard working. We can filter amongst all the 83.199 executives within minutes all the qualifying candidates.

If these 126 relevant companies have 134 relevant executives we identify them all, we screen them all and we introduce you the best. And you can understand the importance of it as it gives you the power of identifying the best.
Our team is made up of our most experienced, resolute and successful executive search consultants being sharp, bold, innovative and having only one goal: to present a candidate making the difference in your organization.

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