One of the main reasons for having unfit hanging arms is regularly because of a diet which is too fatty and which is very high in calories.
Lemon water is best to accelerate your weight loss as the lemon contains properties which can wash out the body by detoxification to get rid of impurities like body fats including arms. To lose weight you must eat a balanced and healthy breakfast consisting of high fiber carbs and proteins.
Doing yoga for at least two days in a week can stretches and strength your muscles and all together builds long-streamlines arms rather than bulk muscles. To do chair dips: you must place your limbs on chair along with your body ahead of the chair. A person with overweight will tend to distribute surplus fat to the whole body and some people will end in the arms.
A diet that rich in proteins and comprising healthy fats and slow burning carbohydrates should be consumed. It is better to eat frequent smaller means rather than few large meals because it allows your body to renovate after workouts whereas keeping your blood-sugar level low.
Drinking eight glasses of water in the middle of every meal will control your appetite which can burn fat and support metabolism.
You can begin with light-weights of around 2-3 pounds and slowly increase to heavier weights.
The surplus arm fat can make you to feel awkward during warm weather which is the ideal time for wearing sleeveless.

To lose fat from 1 particular part requires burning of more calories than what you consume daily. Avoid drinking too much of water with each meal because it can weaken stomach acid and damage digestion.
Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, aerobics, walking, swimming and rope jumping will be very effective for burning calories. It is known as scissors because movements look like scissors being opened as well as closed.
Extra arm fat can also cause health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a few types of cancer. For example, vegetables like carrot, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, soya, broccoli, and etc must be included on your diet for reducing excess fat on your arms. So, the best way to lose arm fat is by eating more protein foods which facilitate the muscle growth. First you have to stand straight and stretch your limbs straight facing you at your shoulders height. Losing extra fat on arm is not an easy task to do, but this does not mean that it is impossible for you to do.
But, you should not severely cut down your calorie intake because this can deprive your energy thus leading to dizziness and fatigue. You can gradually increase the timing and frequency of workouts as your patience increases.

Once you go up, you must hold the same position for 30 to 50 seconds and let the arm muscles receive all the strain.
Therefore, you must gradually cut down your calorie eating and burn extra calories than normal.
Stretch your arms to the side and again bring them back facing you to make your right-arm overlap your left-arm.
With that well said, the best way to pull off your extra fat is by following the steps that involve lifestyle changes, eating adjustments and performing key exercises which have an importance on your arms.
Then in a quick sweeping action, lift your arms up to the extend you can by following the same position as the descent. If you are doing this exercise for first time, you can do as much as you can and do not strain yourself. Now, stretch them out once more and take them back to make your left-arm overlap your right-arm.

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