I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Picked when ripe, the seeds are removed and the flesh eaten raw or cooked; it bears edible flowers. Derives its name from its cooked flesh, resembling spaghetti, which it can replace in most recipes.
Its smooth hard skin turns orange when fully ripe; the delicate, slightly fibrous flesh tastes of pepper and hazelnuts. Used primarily in North America, it can be recognized by its hard fibrous pedicel; its flesh is widely used in soups and desserts and its edible seeds are dried. The rind can be yellow, orange or green; often confused with the pumpkin, it can be recognized by its pedicel, which is soft and enlarged where it attaches to the vegetable. Especially popular in southern France and Italy; whether raw or cooked, it should be used in moderation because of its strong flavor.
When cooked or dried, the leaves lose their sting; it has a somewhat spicy flavor and can be prepared more or less like spinach. Both the stems and the tender fleshy leaves are eaten; it has a slightly acidic, spicy flavor.

The leaves of this common plant are excellent in salads; when cooked, they can be prepared like spinach. Tender and juicy, it is mostly eaten raw, in salads; the delicate leaves have a slight mustardlike flavor. Also called lamb’s lettuce; its soft, mild-tasting leaves are primarily eaten raw, in salads.
Autumn’s wide variety of in-season vegetables provides nutrients that are easy to incorporate into a person’s diet. Eating enough vegetables daily can be a difficult task, especially for kids, but there are easy and delicious ways to integrate these nutrient-packed produce items into a person’s diet.
Myplate.gov recommends a person fills half of his or her plate with fruits and vegetables for a well-balanced meal. Mickey Ramirez, health enews contributor, is the manager of Public Affairs and Marketing at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital.
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For a quick and savory side, microwave potatoes and stuff with cheese, black beans and corn.
They pair well with an assortment of foods such as nuts, raisins, bacon, pancetta, maple syrup, and cheeses.
Stuff a sweet bell pepper with ground turkey, chorizo, or sausage and bake in the oven or, place any type of hot pepper in a food processor with other mix-ins for a fiery, yet healthy sauce. No need to cook, just cut them up and serve as a dipping option in place of chips with hummus or bean dip.

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