White Crystal Sugar, ICUMSA 150, is the recommendation for most customers because it contains fewer chemicals.
So, the next time you sprinkle brown sugar on your cereal or stir it into your tea or coffee thinking that you are getting some added benefit compared to using white sugar, you are actually not doing better. So, do not be disillusioned just because the brown version of things like bread, pasta and rice are better for you. Sugar can be thought of as ‘empty calories’ as it does not provide any vitamins or minerals – only calories, which is why it is bad news for those of us watching our weight.

At the end of the day, sugar is sugar, be it brown or white, and it is all going to end up in the one or two places – which will more than likely be on your tummy or hips if you do not burn it off. Raw sugar is actually produced in the initial stages of white sugar’s manufacturing process.
Brown sugar is simply white sugar with some coloring added either in the form of molasses or burnt sugar. That is because those foods are unrefined and contain more vitamins, minerals and fiber than the white version.

Because of the added molasses, brown sugar contains slightly more nutritional value than white sugar, but not enough to make it any more valuable as a source of nutrients.

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