Available in classic, s'more, walnut and roulette (rotating flavors), this all organic, ethically sourced vegan fudge is super rich and yummy. Bee Free Honee is now available in a wide variety of flavors including ancho chili, mint, chocolate and slippery elm. Magic Vegan Bacon Grease is something I never knew I ever wanted, but Southern cooks clued me into its magical properties. These have been on the market long enough that they're not constantly sold out - which is dangerous, as we've been in the habit of grabbing a box whenever we can find them. Earth Balance has been killing it with white cheddar popcorn, cheddar squares, and now boxed mac & cheese! These frozen pockets are a fun freezer find, in turk'y broccoli and cheddar, pepperoni pizza, and BBQ chik'n flavors.
This line of organic wines is vegan friendly (it even says so on the label!), and best of all, it's available in cute little single-serve bottles! These vegan and gluten-free frozen pupusas from Tres Pupusas are super convenient and filling! These juicy seitan burgers made with barley, fresh carrots, and celery can now be yours at Whole Foods. Field Roast can really do no wrong in my mind, but they really knocked it out of the park with these apple maple breakfast sausages.
These milk-free chocolate bars come packed with a smooth, creamy filling in flavors like lavender mint, lime sea salt and blueberry vanilla. Great for anybody on a low-soy or soy-free diet, this protein-packed hemp tofu is available in plain or chili lime flavors at Whole Foods.
You may be familiar with Sky Valley's organic sriracha sauce, but did you know that they recently expanded their lineup of organic Asian-inspired sauces? This hickory-smoked bacon cooks up to a crisp, and even comes packed with enough grease that you won't need to oil your cooking surface (like the real deal). I noticed Le Grand pesto on the shelves a while ago, but recently they switched up their packaging to boldly display its vegan-ness, so I thought it deserved a mention. Our friends Down Under have been snacking on this yogurt made from pure coconut cream for some time now, and now it's available in the US. Austin has its fair share of local craft beer, but did you know we now have our own craft cider? Let us know what you think of these products, or if we’ve missed a new product you love! With one class under my belt, I started to look into what other classes I might find around town, and was surprised at how many there were in just the next few months.

About Us Red Hot Vegans is an Austin lifestyle blog dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest vegan news and reviews – because Austin is awesome, vegans are awesome, and because being a vegan in Austin is the best! TagsTop Austin Vegan Food Austin Vegan Gluten-Free ATX Vegan Drinks Capital City Bakery Vegan Mofo Rabbit Food Grocery Counter Culture Vegan Ice Cream Texas VegFest Austin Vegan Guide Mr. We scoured the shelves of Whole Foods, Wheatsville Co-op, Central Market, HEB and Rabbit Food Grocery to find vegan products that we hadn’t tried before – so many of them are keepers!
The sea salt flavor is pea protein based and is soy-free, and the black pepper style is TVP based and has soy. It's basically smokey coconut oil with bac'n bits - great for making southern style collards and biscuits.
In regular and white cheddar flavors, this boxed mac and cheese might be the cure for your blue box blues.
The flavors were reminiscent of meatloaf, so we found that it pairs best with classic burger toppings. We've found most of the flavors at Wheatsville Coop and Whole Foods, with some showing up at HEB as well. GoodBelly won us over when we learned that their entire product line-up is vegan (with many flavors gluten-free as well). With vegan versions of plum sauce, teriyaki sauce, Thai peanut and Korean BBQ sauce, you can easily add flair (insert jazz hands) to your dishes. Sweet Earth also makes a bunch of packaged seitan and burgers that seemed to spring up overnight. It's a traditional pesto (sans cheese), and is super conveniently packaged in a squeezable and resealable packet. We had a chance to try it while traveling in New Zealand, and were surprised by how rich it is. Get your butt over to Thai Fresh and check out their case of hard packed ice cream with crazy awesome flavors like Thai iced tea, fig, corn and sweet potato. They offer quesadillas, frito pies, patty melts and four different veggie burger options (including the Goodseed patty!) with toppings such as Daiya cheese and Soyrizo chili. The options are mostly what you would expect to see at a salad bar, but they also have some more complex offerings, like pesto and chili.
The event will feature live music, with a portion of the sales going directly to Austin Pets Alive. Stop by today and pick up a rustic pesto lasagna, fajitas or stacked enchilada – they’re all superb!
We’ve got vegan ranch chips, creme-filled chocolate bars, cheddar squares, maple breakfast sausages, mini vegan bottles of wine, boxed mac and cheese and so much more!

This amazing vegan lip balm line comes in dozens of flavors including earl grey, root beer and almond.
There's also a delicious sausage and veggie quiche (not pictured) that arrived on the shelves around the same time. We use GoodBelly juice daily as the base for our smoothies, so we were excited to see their whole line-up of flavors at Whole Foods, including this new probiotic coconut water. The seitan bacon can be found at Whole Foods, but other Sweet Earth seitan products have been spotted at HEB as well. It's pretty much just pure coconut cream with yogurt cultures, so many people might prefer to mix it with granola or additional fruit.
This local cider's original flavor is vegan, and can be found at Counter Culture, Wheatsville, Whole Foods, and Hyde Park Market (aka The Flag Store).
Sharpen up those cooking skills before holiday potlucks, pickle some beets to give as gifts, or take a class just to treat yourself. A lot of local favorites are on there like Counter Culture, Celeste’s Best, NadaMoo and Food For Lovers Queso.
They are so brand new, that their menu is still a work in progress… meaning that if more vegan options are requested by customers (like vegan mayo and pesto), it might just happen! The line also includes a nighttime balm (we use this every night - it's a little heavier to stay put while you sleep), SPF 15 balm, tinted black cherry and cinnamon balms and a three ayurvedic flavors. The smell and presentation is pretty fishy, so it's worth a try if you really miss canned tuna. Wheatsville and Rabbit Food Grocery carry it, though it's unfortunately currently out of stock at both. They've been around for a few months, but if you haven't tried them yet, be sure to pick some up at Rabbit Food Grocery or Wheatsville.
We picked up several flavors at Central Market, and plan on whipping them up to add to a fruity parfait. If you want to most bang for your buck, create your own, and choose the baked potato as a base.
We pick these up every chance we get when we travel, and are so happy to find them here at home in Austin now!

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